KeyCard network has stopped paying salaries nationwide

KeyCard network has stopped paying salaries nationwide

June 29, 2018 – 4:30

KeyCard network has stopped paying salaries nationwideSumer News: The network “Key Card” to pay the salaries of employees in the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces of the country since the evening of Thursday, June 28, which caused a wave of resentment among the staff.

The employees were surprised by the network’s interruption at the time of the payment of salaries “expected by them”, complaining that this action is intended by the company.

For their part, attributed the owners of service outlets the reason for non-payment of salaries to the deterioration of service in the devices by the company card, pointing to the manipulation of funds inside the card by the company.

One of the owners of the outlets told our agency that the company did not give a convincing reason for the work.

A senior official of the Iraqi Central Bank, earlier in May, revealed a part of corruption in the company that issues the smart card “Key Card” and theft of salaries of employees.

According to the official, the smart card company KeyCard refuses to update the program to raise salaries for state employees on the card card, explaining that the Central Bank gave a time to 24 hours for the company to address the situation under his book No. 11655 in 2018/5/21 otherwise the company is subject to legal consequences.

He pointed out that “the basic purpose of the smart card, as was scheduled, is to facilitate the banking transactions of citizens, and reduce financial corruption, especially with regard to those who receive more than the salary of the state, in addition to keeping pace with the ongoing development in the civilized world.

The official, who asked not to be named, said that the card has become a “curse” that hinders the payment of salaries, but has become a cause of corruption, stressing the need to review this project.

He pointed out that “all countries that use electronic banking through this type of cards, many companies are competing with each other to provide the best services to citizens, and this process of competition imposed by governments imposed when opening the door to all companies of different nationalities.”

The official explained that “what happened in Iraq is very strange,” pointing out that the smart card company named QI Card monopolize this type of work without competition, not because of the absence of this type of companies, but because it lamented how to control the country and close Doors to competitors.

The company has contracted with Rafidain Bank and Rashid to adopt smart card in the payment of salaries of employees and retirees beneficiaries of the two banks.

According to official documents and books on this contract, the company pledged that the “smart card” offers 256 services to the beneficiary, and the installation of ATMs in front of all branches of the banks in Baghdad and the provinces.