Tomorrow we will provide “irrefutable” evidence of electoral fraud to the Federal Court

The Truth Commission announces the end of its report and reveals: Tomorrow we will provide “irrefutable” evidence of electoral fraud to the Federal Court

Policy 2018/06/03 15:47

Tomorrow we will provide irrefutable evidence of electoral fraud to the Federal CourtBaghdad today – special

The head of the parliamentary fact-finding committee, Adel Nuri, on Sunday, the end of its report on violations in the parliamentary elections that took place on 12 May last, and between tomorrow will be submitted to the Federal Court, announced two types of electoral violations, one of which is systematic programmer With prior planning by the Commission and its offices.

“There is irrefutable evidence that confirms the rigging of the 2018 elections and the manipulation of results by different political forces,” al-Nuri said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that “the statements of eyewitnesses, including a member of the Board of Commissioners Saeed Kakai, and member of the House of Representatives Mishaan Jubouri as witnesses have seized systematic irregularities before the elections, and we will complete work with them today in another session in order to finalize the report.”

He explained that “his committee recorded two types of violations and illegal manipulation, the first systematic in the sense programmed and systematic by the Commission and the offices of commissioners and the planning of the advance, which led to deviation of the political process and loss of confidence in the Electoral Commission to the Iraqi people.

He pointed out that “the Commission confirms that the results are identical and recorded and deny the existence of any fraud, and when pressed they cancel the thousands of votes They admit that they are fake and manipulated. ”

“We have documents from within the Commission to prove its involvement in fraud,” he said. “We will complete the report today and we will hand it over to the Federal Court.”