Abadi promises improved power supply within two weeks

Abadi promises improved power supply within two weeks

2018/05/29 17:02

Abadi promises improved power supply within two weeksBaghdad today – Baghdad

The President of the Council of Ministers Haidar Abadi pledged on Tuesday to improve the processing of electric power within two weeks.

Abadi said during his weekly conference held at the government palace in Baghdad that “additional generating units of the national system will enter service during the next two weeks,” noting that “the entry of these units will help improve the processing of electricity for citizens.”

Most of the cities in the central and southern regions of the country are witnessing a return to the power crisis, which has stabilized over the past months.

With the end of the first week of Ramadan in Iraq, the hours of interruption exceeded 15 hours a day, in some areas of the center and south, according to newspaper reports, which sparked public anger, and demonstrations to demand better service.

Dozens of people from Karbala took part in angry demonstrations last Wednesday (23 May) in protest against the deterioration of the electricity service, which led to large-scale arrests in the province, on the pretext of causing riots rioters.