Kuwait calls for changing the Iraqi ambassador in Iraq

Amman: Iraq News Network – Iraq News Network received clarification from Mr. Awad Abdan entitled (letter to the Government of Kuwait) stating that the Kuwaiti Ambassador in Iraq is sectarian and requests the following change in the text of what came to us …

it may surprise many who recognize the address to be precisely of the addresses of Kuwait in this dialect has been said about me a lot more about my relationship with Kuwait, although I do not have a relationship even with the cop Kuwait, but my relationship with the Kuwaiti people big and communication continues between me and them, and God knows how much I love Kuwait is an Arab country and a neighbor and brother, but this does not prevent to warn each other of errors that fall out may be non-intending and non-yourselfers have.

despite the political situation of Iraq’s complex and Makhalafh occupation but you Artaeetm send an ambassador representing your country in Iraq and we respect this desire, despite the wounds Nlagaha every day and hour and the moment. and we had our fate you send an ambassador in Iraq, we will not appreciate at all send to the insured to be in this position, this man’s sectarian to the core and sectarian dripping from the top of his head to the maximum of his feet.

and the Iraqi people is not limited to a single component but is several components and close in terms of numbers but may not be close to terms of employment for Iran And the State of Kuwait is supposed to respect all the components of the Iraqi people and flirting at the expense of another component The Kuwaiti ambassador to the insured, and since he assumed his duties as Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Iraq, but that all his acts of official and personal was characterized by sectarianism has made visits different to the areas of pigment and a certain disregard other parts strangely and his meeting political, social, cultural and media are all to be directed to one side without the other. And we have the evidence on this matter a lot For that and I’m Iraq .. I’m the south ..

I wish you Basra review this person and replace it with a Kuwait does not represent the Islamic Republic of Iran has in Iraq, Ambassador and do not need to last and we are confident that you you will take the right decision We all cases Sncjekm it through grass-roots campaign we will be against the person we are launching Vhmlat media in this regard and we will organize demonstrations calling for this. Thank you for your attention.