Abadi: Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world

Abadi: Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world

2017/10/24 18:46

Abadi - Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the worldBaghdad today

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world, pointing out that Iraq has a significant regional and regional impact.

“Iraq is ready to take its leading role in the region and the world,” Haidar al-Abadi said at a weekly press conference held at the government palace in Baghdad, noting that “Iraq has a significant regional impact.”

“Iraq is dealing with all its neighbors with great flexibility,” Abadi said, stressing that “the Iraqi and Saudi people should witness the gains of rapprochement between the two countries.”

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced on Saturday an Iraqi project and vision for the future of the region based on development and the extension of security instead of “differences and wars” consisting of 5 points.

“Iraq, and its difficult and successful experience in overcoming the threat of terrorism and division and its triumph, is a strong, united and unifying nation and people,” he said in a statement carried by his media office. “It is a sense of responsibility that the countries and peoples of the region have many common challenges and objectives. Mainly to re-formulate political relations between our nations and peoples on a sound and lasting basis. ”

He added that the foundation of the initiative is that “the conflicts in the region have not only brought to our peoples destruction and underdevelopment, they have caused a massive drain on human and natural resources and loss of opportunities for development and progress.” Conflicts are the right rule and the only alternative to a new era of cooperation and building. ”

The Prime Minister promised that “it is wrong for the countries of the region to consider their interests in isolation from the interests of others,” noting that “our vision is to work together to build our interests and economies in an integrative manner without being isolated from each other, as conditions proved that security is integral, And development and prosperity can not be achieved in a country without another, and without getting up together will stumble all projects of development and stability.

Abadi urged the countries of the region to “add our group of efforts to each other to add value to all of us,” stressing the importance of “seeking to establish lasting, deep and well-established relations among our peoples.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to give “a great glimmer of hope to the youth, not to let go of terrorism and deviant thought and intruder who exploits their energies in a negative direction and moves them from the ditch of construction to the trenches of murder and demolition,” adding that “giving hope instead of despair through programs that provide jobs Youth through rehabilitation and productive projects gives tremendous strength and momentum towards reforming societies. ”

“In addition to development projects at the national level, it is necessary to work and coordinate the advancement of the region as a whole,” Abadi said. Where security, peace and prosperity in the region can not be achieved if the gap between rich and poor peoples continues to be large. ”

Abadi pointed out that “the preoccupation of the countries of the region to conflicts among themselves and not to invest their resources in an optimal manner marginalized its role locally and globally.”

“We believe that we must work seriously for the countries of our region to have a voice and influence in decision-making at all international and local levels in order to make the world safer and more just,” he said.