An EMP bomb kills 90 percent of Americans in one year

An EMP bomb kills 90 percent of Americans in one year

17-10-2017 11:44 AM

An EMP bomb kills 90 percent of Americans in one yearBaghdad News –

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nuclear experts have warned US officials that North Korea could launch a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb, warning that if it were used, it would have devastating consequences for the United States.

Known as the nuclear ‘electromagnetic pulse’ EMP ‘, and depends on the high intensity of radiation from the explosion of nuclear at high altitude, and lead to the disruption of electronic devices in places far from the site of the bombing.

A similar explosion could kill more than 90 percent of the American people within a year, according to a research paper by nuclear experts William Graham and Peter Bray.

The scientists said the bomb could be detonated from a height of 30 to 400 kilometers, above the target to be attacked, and then, a break in electricity on a large scale.

The attack resulted in the cessation of the necessary cooling operations in the field of medicine and food preservation, as well as the disruption of communications and water, that large areas will be completely paralyzed in services.

The document said that the enemies of the United States may cause significant damage to its territory, as they were able to develop a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb, and long-range ballistic missiles.

Korean warning north and

in the meantime, North Korea warned the deputy ambassador to the United Nations, on Monday, that the situation on the Korean peninsula has become very critical, and said that nuclear war ‘could erupt at any moment.’

Kim In Reong told the Disarmament Commission at the General Assembly in New York that North Korea was the only country in the world to face a direct and extremist nuclear threat from the United States since the 1970s.

The North Korean diplomat said that his country has the right to possess nuclear weapons for self-defense, according to the Associated Press.

Reong referred to what he saw as a major escalation of military maneuvers every year by the United States and its ally South Korea. He said the most dangerous of all was the American plan to conduct a secret operation that would seek to remove President Kim Jong-il.