Kurdish list calls Barzani to apologize and end his “political life”

Kurdish list calls Barzani to apologize and end his “political life”

2017/10/16 18:21

Kurdish list calls Barzani to apologize and end his political lifeBaghdad today

The Kurdish new generation called on Monday for Barzani to apologize to the people of Kurdistan and immediately resign from his post, ending his political life, while threatening to resort to the street.

The list said in a statement that “Barzani and the leadership of the five ruling parties in the region must submit their resignations immediately, because they are the cause of the current situation,” indicating that “if the regional leaders did not recognize responsibility for these events, they will seek to move the street to end this government Failed “.

The list added that “the events of Kirkuk have shed the curtain on the situation in Kurdistan, and showed that the traditional parties have failed to deliver our people to safety, but on the contrary they put the Kurds in a dark spiral, and the failure in Kirkuk back to that political elite controlling the political life In Kurdistan since the early eighties of the last century. ”

According to the statement, “what is happening now is only the preliminary results of the referendum, which Massoud Barzani insisted on the September 25, 2017 with the help of political parties and their traditional leadership, and the exclusion of advice and suggestions of friends of our people at home and abroad and to make personal interests above the higher interests of the people of Kurdistan” .

The list demanded “the removal of the government of Najran Barzani, the acceleration of the formation of an interim government does not organize traditional political figures, and the new government in cooperation with the United Nations to prepare for the elections of the parliament of Kurdistan in accordance with international standards,” noting that “the Kurdish people face a serious dilemma, In which everyone will critically examine the new reality and hold accountable those responsible for these events. ”