Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-21-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-21-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-21-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru payray [Big Screen TV erected , “The screen will be for the purpose of announcing the results of the upcoming elections and placed at the entrance of the House of Representatives…” Other articles had said that Abadi will be in NEW YORK to give a speech to the UN on Thursday the 21. ] The local elections were cancelled…unto further notice… They were supposed to be on the 16th of Sept… They informed the public via the media on the 17th… I wonder who showed up only to find out no voting… It would not surprise me if there is a smoke screen of sorts going on here… Abadi is playing the rope a dope as to whether or not he is going to New York, or sticking around in his native country… Interesting time, and this has the potential of being a very eventful week for the Iraqi people, as well as us dinar investors… I am a bit stoked about it frankly…

9-21-2017 Newshound Guru chattels Kurdistan and the world need to be prepared for any eventuality. The only thing I am reasonably sure of is that there will be a referendum and the Kurds will vote for independence. What follows is unknown. Iraq is unpredictable. Period.

9-21-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […assuming the CBI elects to “Float” the Dinar from it’s current value and removing zero’s maybe one at a time…do you see this process taking up to a year…to have a value close to 1 to 1 with the us dollar? …how long from the time they start the “Float” until (you believe) they start removing the large denomination bills (those bills larger than 100 IQD).] yes, the float process could certainly take up to a year, maybe more or less. I believe we’ll be looking at a hybrid situation between peg/float – a likely scenario is this: First, revalue to around 10 cents per USD. (It is almost certain to remain pegged to the USD at this time, regardless of how they revalue.) That rate could be “fixed” for a period of 3 months, up to 6 months, while the larger denominations are collected and removed. This is the “Pegged” period. Next…

9-21-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …after the initial 3-6 months, resume normal auctions and let the market determine the future rate. This is the “Float” period, where the market can easily drive up the value to $1 and beyond. That initial 3-6 months allows the CBI to directly manipulate the currency supply, possibly introduce an entirely new printed currency, and control their expenditures while simultaneously profiting from the exchanges.

9-20-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 …the information coming from the CBI and the Iraqi television continues to tell the citizens over there that their currency will gain in value in the month of September. In addition to that, the television is urging people to do their banking, and what to do when the lower denominations come into play. The campaign is letting them know something is happening… All eyes are now on Thursday, when Abadi is making a speech to the UN. Info has already come out that he will be making a presentation on ‘internationalism’…it will be broadcast in all the provinces at 6.30 Iraqi time.

9-20-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Thursday is a holiday, and banks are closed on Friday anyway, but Sunday the banks are open in Iraq, and that is the day they expect to receive their pay, and they expect it at the new rate – and that is probably what Abadi will announce on Thursday, with the rate being released on Sunday the 24th. The Kurds have already put out the message that their citizens will be paid on Thursday under the new rate… There’s also a possibility that from late tonight the ATMs will start dispensing the new lower denominations. We shall see. We also have screen rates being reported to us from various sources: dinar @ $3.71, and dong @ 47 cents. That’s nothing new, but it is coming from more sources, and that says something. We are expecting a lot in the next few days. I think it is time for the chips to start falling.

9-20-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana The HCL has been dragging on for too long at this point. ISIS was a factor. That’s done. After Saddam was removed, they had a lot of cleaning up to do. Iraq is looking pretty darn tidy! Yes, they have issues…so does Turkey, Kuwait, the United States and every other country with a higher valued currency. The Turkish Lira is 30 cents to the dollar. One USD will only get you a third of a Kuwaiti Dinar. It has not been so long since the Iraqi Dinar was also within that range, or higher, and you can bet that they remember and know that fact much more than any of us.

9-20-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Other tidbits – the current OPEC agreement contains a limit on production, which Iraq is essentially exempt from. Yet Iraq and the rest of the members of OPEC seem to be glossing over that small fact…in fact, the Iraqi Oil Minister just this week said they are in agreement to extend that contract, speaking as if Iraq was actually taking part in it. I laughed out loud when I read that! They are playing their cards well. There are representatives from Baghdad visiting Erbil, I believe tomorrow (Thursday). I’m very interested to see what this brings, and I’m crossing my fingers that we see some HCL news. That is what this all comes down to, after all. HCL = RV = $$$ for Iraqis (Kurds are included in that group!) and this whole referendum gets set aside for a couple years. Maybe they will pick it back up in the future, and maybe they will actually secede and become their own country…but at that point, I’m not sure if I’ll even care, because the RV will be done and we will all have moved on.

9-20-2017 Intel Guru Bruce Iraq has erected 7 huge screen monitors, something you see at a huge football arena to give you replays… sent by China to Iraq in 7 different provinces in Iraq. For what purpose? Why would they be there in 7 provinces in Iraq? They are there so the Iraqis can see firsthand Abadi making the speech in the UN on Thursday morning, New York time. That is big, and so big that Iraq is calling Thursday, September 22, sort of a holiday. What else? What would be announced? You can only guess how deep will it go? They were supposed to be paid at the new rates all over the country. I am talking about salary pensions, profit sharing, everything you can think of at the new rate on Thursday, but because of this holiday they pushed all of that to Sunday… All of those new payments will go out at the new rate on Sunday.

9-20-2017 Intel Guru Bruce When it comes to the rates, I just going to say the rates have been traded. We know there is some movement up again. I think we all are going to be very pleased. I am hearing some really very positive things about things that should be going down…tomorrow thru Friday. I am not trying to call it. This is not calling it. I am just telling you the timing is right. Everything is ready. Speeches are meaningful. They mean something especially Abadi speech. Then following Abadi on Thursday morning EST, I believe the new head of CBI is going to give speech also from the CBI in Iraq. I believe that speech will be carried on throughout Iraq as well. I think that is when they will get information about their currency rate so on. That is only my opinion what might happen.

9-20-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana It’s been a while getting here, and nobody knows where exactly “here” is quite yet, but what I DO know is we have a LOT going on right now! There is an upcoming referendum in just a few days where the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) is attempting to “vote” on “Independence”. While the “vote” isn’t something I’m personally putting a lot of weight on, the statements and actions surrounding and connected to it are certainly worth paying attention to. Abadi had previously spoken out against the referendum (scheduled for Sept 25th), but now the Supreme Court (Iraq) has actually issued a ruling ordering them to completely suspend any preparations for such a vote, based on it being “unconstitutional”.

9-20-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana The distinction between the Kurdish Regional Government and actual Iraqi government is a big deal. The Kurds actually signed and helped write at least the portion of the Iraqi constitution that makes such a referendum illegal. This simply clarifies that the Kurds are not an autonomous people – they are technically (politically speaking) Iraqis. That means Baghdad trumps Erbil. The United States, Turkey, and other countries have voiced disapproval of the separation, but here is the end-of-the-road… …I don’t think a separation will happen…. Let’s look back at the last 2, 3, 5, heck…TEN years…how long have we been hearing about the Kurds threatening to secede? It’s always been a topic, but only recently it is in the news daily. Why would that be, one might ask…the answer is simple. We are on the cusp of some major happenings.

9-20-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru payray The Media Office the PM- Twitter… “Dr. Haider Abadi: Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis.” If that does not get the Iraqi citizens just a little excited!… All I can say is that I hope they deliver simply because there seems to be a buildup of sorts… A huge party on Thursday evening, putting up giant screens at the parliament building, the CBI governor sponsoring this huge event along with bank representatives, and last but not least, all of this talk of increasing the dinar’s value during this last year… The CBI governor is even going to be at this gathering during this World Peace gathering… Why I ask?… Not trying to give anyone false hope, but if we are not just a little excited about this coming week… Being a little enlivened is not such a bad thing is it?..