Abadi accuses Maliki of conspiring against the country

Abadi accuses Maliki of conspiring against the country

September 9, 2017 | 5:32 PM

Abadi accuses Maliki of conspiring against the countryIraqi Position Network

In his weekly press conference held on 6/9/2017, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi addressed a number of issues, the most important of which was the liberation of Tal Afar from the grip of terrorist elements. One of the most important things that Abadi took in his speech was the standard time to liberate the city, with the enemy causing great losses, which he described as “massive destruction.”

In his press conference, Mr. Abadi sent three important messages to six different parties. The first message is that the Iraqi army and its allied forces have achieved a rapid military victory and have struck at gangs that have supported the Iraqi political will and decision.

The second is directed to the Iraqi people and the Kurdish leadership, which is the structure of the state to restore prestige through coordination with the federal authorities in Kurdistan, and talk about the Iraqi government’s receipt of prisoners of conscience or handed themselves and their families to the Peshmerga forces. The third is that this victory was achieved without any agreements with the enemy, and it is directed to Hezbollah and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and his Iranian sponsor and the Syrian regime, who signed an agreement with gangs urging them to move them from western Syria to the east at the Iraqi-Syrian border. Iraqi public opinion.

But what is important in Mr. Abbadi’s speech is his message to the most dangerous and influential parties on the internal situation in the country, that is Maliki, who questioned the victories of the Iraqi army and did not bear the victory, according to Abbadi. Al-Abadi, who described Maliki as a prime minister in a vacant cabinet with the leader of necessity, likened him to Saddam Hussein, went away this time to accuse him of conspiring against Iraq and its people.

Mr. Abbadi was clear in his speech, accusing some of conspiring against Iraq and its people and army. He expressed regret that some of them were Iraqis, and here he meant only al-Maliki and many members of his party and their non-nationalist alliance. In Tal Afar accusing the government of agreeing with al-Da’ash. They began to mix up the papers to justify a move that brought hundreds of fugitive criminals from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Syria to the planning and blessing of Iran.

Abadi was a real Iraqi this time away from sectarianism, which dyed and dyed his party and his Shiite alliance and plot them on the country for the benefit of Iran and who walks in its orbit from the States and terrorist organizations and armed gangs. Victory, as he described it, achieved the sacrifice of the heroes of the Iraqis, not through agreements with any party. To say, “In Iraq we do not agree with criminals and do not deal with criminals. Criminals have two choices: either surrender or murder.”

Abadi was an Iraqi in contrast to politicians and clerics headed by Nuri al-Maliki, they doubt the Iraqi army and its capabilities and covered the agreement of shame between the Daqash and Hezbollah led by Nasrallah until they reached the point of saying that “the cities and towns of Iraq were liberated only by the sacrifices of the Iranians and Hezbollah” ! The blood of the tens of thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to liberate their country from the abomination of despair.

The elections are on the doorstep and the slaves are racing to liberate all the Iraqi lands before they are conducted so that they have strong cards and they have a great chance to succeed if they deal with the political files before them wisely and intelligently. Reaching agreement with the Kurds and implementing the constitutional provisions to restore confidence between Baghdad and Erbil in line with the interests of the two parties within the unified federal Iraq, and find humanitarian and quick solutions to the problem of the displaced and return them to their cities and towns and villages and start reconstruction, and fight corruption by offering some heads of large trial fair to receive confidence The Iraqi street is a trump card that should not be overstated as it battles a battle against an enemy that possesses many evil means, such as Maliki.

Abadi remains the “Joker” paper, his official declaration of withdrawal from the Dawa party and the Shiite alliance, and work to build a cross-sectarian electoral alliance to confront the whales of corruption and start building a new Iraq, Iraq has no place for political sectarianism, Iraq is reconciled with itself and works to promote the people and progress. It is an opportunity rarely obtained by a politician in a political crisis like the one we are living today, will Abadi be exploited?