The Emir of Qatar presents $ 10 billion to a US official to lift the siege

The Emir of Qatar presents $ 10 billion to a US official to lift the siege

Saturday 29 July 2017 at 15:15 pm

The Emir of Qatar presents 10 billion to a US official to lift the siegeBaghdad / Sky Press: m

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, has offered bribes to senior US State Department officials to pressure Arab countries boycotting Qatar to lift the blockade, US reports said on Saturday.

The reports said that “Tamim has monitored more than 10 billion dollars on some of the associates of the Obama administration, the former US president to intervene in this file.”

On the other hand, the US site “Poltico” in its European version highlighted the efforts of the country to create a lobby in Washington and double the money it was paid by public relations companies to adopt positions and promote it among decision makers in the US administration and Congress and in the media.

“The parties to the dispute have intensified their efforts to win decision-makers in Washington, but Qatar has signed comfortable contracts with three new lobby companies in Washington since last month and plans to contract more,” said three of those who see Doha’s efforts in this regard. , Former US ambassador to Qatar at the Clinton administration, who headed the US-Qatar Business Council, said that Qataris had the minimum presence of lobbyists before the crisis.

While the Qatari government spent less than 300,000 a month on four lobby companies before the global crisis, under US justice documents, now, after contracting with three other companies, it has spent at least $ 1.4 million a month.

Qatar has contracted with a British public relations firm with an office in Washington, Mercury and Portland Communications. And then contracted with former US Attorney General John Arshkov for three months worth $ 2.5 million, a very large sum.

Qatar also signed a $ 1.1 million contract with the Information Management Services Company in Washington for three months. It renewed its contract with the LIVIC PR firm contracted earlier this year.

Lobbyists say the Qataris are willing to pay more money to contract more companies.

Politeko’s website points out that neither side agrees that the companies it works with are working for the other. Qatar’s contract with Levik, which it signed a day before Saudi Arabia cut ties with it, prevents it from working with any sovereign country in the Middle East or North Africa. The only exception appears to be “Square Baton Boggs”, which represents Qatar and the Saudi Center for Studies and Media, according to documents from the Ministry of Justice.