Calls for a tax of up to “50” dollars on every visitor to Iraq and the reason !!

Calls for a tax of up to “50” dollars on every visitor to Iraq and the reason !!

22-07-2017 12:51 PM

Calls for a tax of up to 50 dollars on every visitor to Iraq and the reasonBaghdad News –

Iraqi experts stressed that the diversification of financial resources is an urgent need for officials to redouble their efforts to activate several sectors, especially tourism, because it is a crucial element in expanding economic activity.

They stressed the need for Iraq to have a tourism sector attractive and qualified to adopt a short, medium and long-term strategy to promote domestic output.

The Tourism Committee of the Iraqi parliament called for a tax of up to 50 dollars per visitor, while the State Tourism Authority confirmed its readiness to provide a strategy to develop the tourism sector, which contributes to the strengthening of resources needed by the national economy rich in multiple sectors for investment.

The tourism sector needs to develop facilities, infrastructure and services, and investing in it is an opportunity for the country to introduce foreign currency, create jobs and reduce the liquidity crisis.

Experts unanimously agreed that «the most important factors for the development and revitalization of tourism, the provision of services for expatriates and the establishment of hotels with large capacity to be able to provide the federal budget with good revenues». They pointed out that Iraq has confirmed in its negotiations with the IMF its serious commitment to the conditions set by the Fund, especially with regard to the strengthening of scarce resources in the country, and perhaps the most important conditions to reduce spending and reduce dependence on oil is a major resource.

The data showed «Iraqi Tourism Authority» a significant increase in the number of expatriates of various nationalities, which encouraged officials to redouble their efforts to develop the sector and invest in it, especially as Iraq has all kinds of tourist destinations, specifically religious, which did not benefit from their economic feasibility because of obstacles to expansion Al-Omrani in the hotels sector in the provinces of Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala, and forcing the owners of these hotels to pay large amounts in return for electricity and fuel to run their own generators, some of which led to the closure of their hotels.

The Tourism Authority pointed out that the number of expatriates from different nationalities reached in 2014 more than 1.4 million, while in 2015 the number rose to 2.5 million, doubling in 2016 and exceeding 3.5 million. The Authority has facilitated the issuance of entry visas to those who come to the country through the introduction of the unified window system. Representatives of all government entities responsible for issuing the entry visa, such as foreign affairs, the interior and the security authorities, are located at the Authority’s headquarters.

The system will facilitate the work of tourism companies and increase the financial revenues of government agencies. The Commission will soon implement a new mechanism that facilitates the work of tourism companies to stimulate the private sector and support it to enhance its ability to introduce foreign currency to the country and create jobs. Association of Travel and Tourism Companies.

Iraq has received a number of investment offers in the marshes of international companies, including the development of infrastructure and the establishment of some entertainment projects, hotels and others, to be within the living system of the marshes so as not to be absent nature. The Iraqi Marshlands were included on the World Heritage List at the end of last year, which is positive as they enjoy international rights that preserve their wetlands.

In terms of spreading tourism awareness, experts stressed that the intensity of tourism activity depends to a large extent on the availability of tourism awareness in the destination country from official or informal institutions, bodies and bodies. They must have the skill to perform, the ability and the sincere desire to satisfy tourists. The tourism industry includes many activities that must work in a homogeneous, integrated and coordinated manner in all tourism facilities such as accommodation, transport, restaurants, communications, etc., as well as the variety of institutions and equipment that the tourist deals with, as they may be governmental or non-governmental institutions.