US Secretary of “optimistic” the future of Iraq after Daesh .. eye on oil!

US Secretary of “optimistic” the future of Iraq after Daesh .. eye on oil!

2017/07/20 20:58

US Secretary of optimistic the future of Iraq after Daesh - eye on oilBaghdad today / Follow-up

The Deputy US Secretary of State Joseph Pennington, Thursday, optimistic about the future of Iraq during the post Daesh, while Iraq has become “stronger than ever.”

Said Pennington said: “Iraqis of all sects and races fought bravely together for several months to liberate the city from the real barbaric enemy,” he said. “There are many reasons for optimism about the future of Iraq.”

“The Iraqis are leading the efforts to achieve stability in their communities liberated,” explaining that “the stabilization program which is supported by the United Nations enabled Iraqis to return to their homes, including nearly one million people in Anbar province.”

He continued Pennington “We saw this in Tikrit, Ramadi and Fallujah, and more recently in eastern Mosul, communities back to life and tries to Mosul University students now have to get rid of the debris, which operates the university to start the school year, and in the east of Mosul, 350 thousand returned children to school.”

Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out that “the steady leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and empowering local officials was a major reason for the success of Iraq against Daesh,” noting that “giving regional and local leaders of authority and resources to rebuild local communities, has built confidence across community lines and pave the way for achieving stability in the long the long”.

Pennington pointed out that “there are still battles to fight in Tal Afar controlled Daesh, and Hawija and based, with the passage of time, and continued support from the United States, we are confident that the Iraqis will liberate these areas.”

He said the “optimism about the future of Iraq should not blind us to the great challenges faced by the country, being a need to heal and overcome sectarian divisions.”

As for the Iraqi economy, US Vice Foreign Minister pointed out that “the Iraqi economy needs to be reformed after years of war and the decline in oil prices,” stressing that “corruption discourages private sector initiative.”

He saw Bennington, that “these problems can be addressed now after defeating succession Daesh, where Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world, has shown itself to be a flexible democratic state.”

He concluded his speech by saying that Pennington “Iraq and thanks to continued support from the United States and the international community, has become in a position to appear in the post Daesh stronger and more unified than ever.”

Source: Usatoday