Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-18-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-18-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-18-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 There are NEW RULES and REGULATIONS by the CBI – telling all of their banks/branches…what they are about to do. …they are sending memos to the money changers (who are in trouble) because they are…using unfair practices…IMO – this is the delay of the RV because they counter the effects of the CBI. They need to control these things — AND THEY ARE! The RTGS is an electronic system…sends money to another country … banks process without physical cash. This electronic system works from bank to bank – not in days – but in the blink of an eye! The eDinar will be secure… receive/send…Iraq will control their dinars which is an IMF requirement. This screams INTERNATIONAL…

7-18-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 …do you remember about 3 weeks ago when President Trump toured the Middle East? Did he visit Iraq? No – because he didn’t have too. He went to SA – the birthplace of the Petro-Dollar. What did he do there? He made DEALS right? BIG OIL DEALS. I believe there was a TRI-Agreement control between the UK, Iraq and SA. The USA took control of 5 oil tankers from SA. America has dinars in the US Treasury…but these 5 Oil Tankers … sells for Petro Dollars…funds into the US Treasury. Brilliant deal! — nothing to do with OPEC. THE USA has enough set aside to cover the RV…there is your exchange… IMO … the banks have been seeded. The citizens of Iraq will NOT see this – they only see their currency in Iraq. These 5 ships are PARTIAL PAYMENTS…IMO. All of the agreed terms have not been done yet. More ships will come. This is the start of it. SA and Trump agreement is NOW ON. We took 5 tankers to sour the milk of oil and seed the banks for the RV. This is ALL GOOD … and now we simply wait. The RV is coming.

7-18-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Eventually…ForEx should be next…Sunday into Monday…1st week in August…I DON’T CARE! The UST has to have funds for this…that’s what I care about! The CBI is asking for them to ACTIVATE the links between the websites NOW! Saturday or Sunday… [Guru] Delta came in and posts that the Bank is asking for the ACTIVATION of MasterCard for INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Iraq…Look at the timing. That’s an IMF REQUIREMENT, isn’t it. Why are you saying that Iraq can come out at 1184 with their MasterCard? They can…BUT no one is going to use it. If the MasterCard is used internationally …they would need to raise the value of their currency. The CBI was not ready to lift the 3 zeros back in January…BUT THEY ARE NOW…and they talk like they are! The IMF, WB, IMF are poised and eager to see the monetary reform advance. There are NO MORE REASONS why not to raise the value of the dinar now.

7-18-2017 Newshound Guru mike Article: “United Nations envoy to Iraq: We call on Baghdad and Erbil to enter a dialogue on the fate of the region” Now we’re talking: “we demand that Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the application of Article 140 of the disputed areas.” This is what $5 billion in loans buys you, the ability to demand that these guys quit fighting and apply the laws in the constitution. Good stuff.

7-18-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat So what did the CBI have to say? Articles: “Central Bank confirms the “robustness” of the Iraqi reserves according to international indicators “reassuring” “Central Bank: Our control of the dollar price confirms our foreign independence” “Central Bank seeks to balance between two goals” If you can summarize the tone of the articles and draw conclusions…we can see that the CBI (Ali Al-Alak) is trying to paint a rosy, optimistic picture in the areas of the economy that they have been responsible for. The reserves are up, the revenue is flowing on the positive side, they are keeping inflation under control, maintaining Iraqi’s foreign independence by controlling the dollar and stabilizing the currency..

7-18-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the bank seeks to balance the sale of the dollar and maintain it,” noting that “the balance in foreign currency is sufficient as it was in previous years there is no margin and area of ​​speculation and achieve large profits, corruption is controlled. So this his second quarter 2017 state of the CBI address. ​It is all very good and moving in the direction of post ISIS and better than pre-war and pre-embargo. It is exactly what the IMF, World Bank, WTO and any other three letter organization needs to see happen. Folks it is all coming together almost like a miracle right in front of our eyes. Be patient, as “good things come to those who wait”.

7-17-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni No chance [Guru] MIke of any replacement now. The IMF and WB know what happens when a replacement takes over (at least a 2 year delay) slowing progress. Ali al-Allaq is our man for the time being through this reform process.

7-17-2017 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Advisor to the Prime Minister: No fears of the collapse of the value of the dinar against foreign currencies” Quote: “…the stable dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies and there are no fears of deterioration of its value…” There’s obvious pressure and skepticism regarding the dinar, these types of articles are meant to restore confidence in not only the currency, but the GOI as a whole. One giant way to move forward is replace the proxy CBI Governor with an actual economist on par with Shabibi with no ties to the executive branch…

7-17-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 [Do you know when the MasterCard message was added to the Rafidain bank website?] YESTERDAY. [Did they initiate the RV process on Friday or Saturday?] NANO SECONDS AFTER MOSUL. [how will the [RV] launch be revealed?] ONLY BY THE CBI POSTING THE NEW RATE NOTHING ELSE COUNTS. [IYO, Does Iraq have the capacity and capability to withhold from posting a new trade-able rate on the CBI W/S (if they choose to), for an agreed or negotiated period of time?] YES! [When do you expect the rate to change?] IMO THIS YEAR. IMO EVERY SECOND HAS POTENTIAL NOW.

7-17-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 The facts as they stand right now is that we are not headed to the bank – yet. But still, we know it is coming, and should be soon. We have rock solid information that this will happen, and we don’t know when, but we do have indicators that it is happening soon. …we are getting more to show this reality is complete though not finite. It makes me think it will go this week, but I don’t know the process. The things we see in the news, etc., would lead us to that conclusion. Contractors are talking about changes to their ‘pay processes’ this week; even though that is in-country, it is still a change. Those involved with the card system are receiving notifications that a change is coming, although it didn’t say a specific date and time… the whole financial world knows this is coming. The CBI site has been down, then came up with no dollar rate; now it’s back up with the US dollar rate. …Something is afoot… We’re in a good place..

7-17-2017 Newshound Guru chattels If there is any point to the master card hype it is the notion that if the IQD is ” convertible ” / usable through an international bank card that the currency is / will be international and at a higher value. [Far fetched? Or small possibility in your opinion?] Far fetched to me. There is no public event or series of events that will reliably or predictably alert us to an increase in the value of the IQD, IMO.

7-17-2017 Newshound Guru Enorrste Article: “Iraq has a microcosm meeting of the International Alliance of the need to benefit from the experience of Mosul” Quote: “…the victory achieved by Iraqi forces in a political city, not only militarily, as he pointed to the existence of economic reform plan presented to the World Bank a few days ago.” The liberation of Mosul will remove a major impediment that the GOI has said was in the way of reform. I am cautiously optimistic.