US newspaper: America’s upcoming elections represented Balebadi and Iran, represented by Maliki

US newspaper: America’s upcoming elections represented Balebadi and Iran, represented by Maliki

Tuesday July 11, 2017 at 15:21 pm

US newspaper - Americas upcoming elections represented Balebadi and Iran represented by MalikiFollow-up / Sky Press: a

“Wall Street Journal” US newspaper published reported on Tuesday that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over al-Daesh in Mosul yesterday, but Iran is preparing to be the biggest winners in the conflict with Washington over gaining influence in Baghdad and in other parts of the region in general .

The newspaper At a report posted on its Alaketrona- that Nuri al-Maliki, a former prime minister who enjoys the support of Iran, aspires to return to his old post during the elections scheduled to take place next year against al-Abadi, favored by Washington.

She added: “that” Maliki attributed much of the credit for the victory of Mosul to a comprehensive collection of the author of the Shiite majority and backed by Iran militia, which was formed in 2014 before he was ousted as prime minister. However, the elections will determine whether Iraq will tend towards Iran or the United States. ”

She highlighted: “that Daesh losses in Mosul may make it easier for Iran arms transfers across northern Iraq and neighboring Syria to Hezbollah militias backed by Iran in Lebanon. The authorities were quick in Tehran to praise the fight against extremists in Mosul as a victory for Tehran and its allies in the region.”

The paper quoted Ali Akbar Velayati, top advisor to Iranian advisor said last week, while welcoming the defeat Daesh in Mosul, “Today begins the highway resistance in Tehran passes through Mosul and Beirut to the Mediterranean Sea.”

In the same context, the newspaper pointed out that al-Abadi, despite his declaration of victory on Daesh yesterday, but he stressed that Iraq is the restoration of stability and eliminating sleeper cells, also announced an international coalition that the US-led fight Daesh Gen. Stephen Townsend, there are still difficult battles commander before the elimination of Daesh.

The agency “Wall Street Journal” that “the decline of the emirate Daesh in the Arab region by about becoming limited only to intermittent control areas mutilated, allowing Iran to regain its influence slowly, which stretches from Tehran to Damascus and Beirut through Baghdad.”