Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 7-9-17

Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 7-9-17

Iraqi Dinar-DollarThe results of the sale of foreign currency window on Monday 10/07/2017 and the port on Sunday 07/09/2017

Announcement No. (3478)
Opening Offers buying and selling foreign currency daily window in the Iraqi Central Bank on Monday, a brief summary of 10/07/2017 and port on Sunday 09/07/2017 and the results were as follows:

the details Notes
Number of banks 39
Number of money transfer companies 10
The amount sold by the bank at auction – dollars 178 838 809
The amount purchased by the bank at the auction – dollar —–
Total Buy Offers – dollar 178 838 809
Total sales – USD Offers —-

Note that:
Sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad rate (1190) dinars per dollar.
Cash sales price (1190) dollars Danarlkl.

Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currency table (amounts in thousands of dollars) on Monday 07/10/2017 and port on Sunday 07/09/2017