Australia prevent the entry of Muslims into its territory ..!

Australia prevent the entry of Muslims into its territory ..!

Sun, 11 Jun 2017 09:12:25

Australia prevent the entry of Muslims into its territoryCalled on the Australian Senator controversial Pauline Hanson Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull seriously consider a proposal to impose a temporary ban to prevent Muslim immigration to Australia, or to tighten scrutiny on wishing to enter the country ‘s procedures.

He wrote the leader of the party , “one nation” to Malcolm Turnbull after the recent terrorist attacks that hit Europe and Melbourne, accused successive governments of failing to do what is needed to stop the growth and spread of what it called “Islamic terrorism”.

She added, “If the laws need to change, let us do so , then, if the situation calls for a ban similar to Donald Trump ‘s proposal in the United States, Feltfl it.”

And he called for security forces to give Hanson greater powers to deal with the suspects in the lists of terrorism before they turn to carry out violent operations.

The proposed Australian political change work of the administrative courts of appeal , which has the authority to drop decisions relating to migrants and refugees style.

She continued, “If we continue to ignore extremism that is happening in the mosques of Australia, I am afraid permission to see Australia in terrorist incidents in the same pace of the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.”

It is noteworthy that Australia basically follow the strict policy to stop illegal immigration to the country , which provides for the interception and re Qwab smuggling of migrants to places of launch, as well as the arrest of up in private detention centers are located on remote islands Central Pacific.