Maliki’s bloc: “failure” of no confidence and calls for the convening of National Conference

Maliki’s bloc talk about “failure” no confidence and calls for the convening of National Conference

08/06/2012 14:40

Erbil, June 8 (Rn) – The State of Law bloc in the Iraqi parliament on Friday that attempts to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had “failed” and indicated that he should his rivals National Conference was held to resolve crises. and was bid blocks Iraq and the Sadrists and the Kurdistan Alliance to something like a setback after the successful Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to win over about 20 deputies from the list of Iraq to his side. rejects the components of the National Alliance, except for the Sadrists withdraw confidence from the government and supports the option of dialogue on the initiative of President Jalal Talabani. The MP said the state law Amer Alkfeache in statement text sent via e that “What is required today from all the political blocs, including the opposition to return to a Forum (conference) National after failing in the process of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister.”and proceeded to the parties critical of the policy of al-Maliki in proceedings to withdraw confidence from him after he did not seem to last no response to the demands presented to him last month on the management of the state. It is hoped that the Talabani to send signatures to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives after making sure it is correct and that will call in turn to hold a special meeting for a vote on the government.He Alkfeache “What was the political movement around Withdrawal of confidence from the government has hampered the process of providing services to citizens and it distracted them and worried mind on the political process, which contributed to its formation. ” and began his coalition, speaks of a possible breakthrough to the political crisis in the country through the use of the national meeting away from the withdrawal of confidence from the government. Since the formation of the current government wrestled the Iraqi List, with a list of a coalition of state law on the overall political issues, but what the differences is the increased entry of the Kurds on the line of political crisis and the Sadrists for his defection from the National Alliance. Murtaza Yousuf

Source: aknews