Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-17-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-17-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-17-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …there are tons of information coming out of Iraq about the potential for investors and global investment strategies within Iraq. We have seen the banking and other economic and financial reforms. We have watched the planning and advancement against ISIS. It is soon time to pull the plug, end this saga and look more towards the future prosperous Iraq. But we all know this is not going to happen without the dinar revaluing. We also know for a FACT the plan never was nor is now to stay on the “program” rate forever. This program rate was never meant to even stay for this long of a period. So they are already behind on removing it. In summary we know the issues, we know the FACTS and we know the next step. So it is all VERY optimistic and never, ever looked better for the RV.

5-17-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 Everyone is hopeful…We can only wait and see what announcement comes out on Friday the 26th… and what shows 3/29…

5-17-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana It should be noted, and kept in mind, that Ramadan this year starts on the evening of Friday May 26 and goes through Sunday June 25. That’s 9 days from now. Those of you that have been traveling this road with me for years know that I have always been VERY adamant that “nothing gets done during Ramadan”… but I’m starting to lean a little to the left on that commitment. There is just TOO MUCH happening right now! There are a couple key elements to this…that will make me go “Full Buzzy” in spite of the upcoming holiday that traditionally yields 0 “real” progress for anything in Iraq. For some months now, I’ve been very optimistic about Iraq’s ISIS situation. Over the last few days, this has only increased.


5-16-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV was reporting “final victory in Mosul in a couple of days” on Monday evening. The Najar district is being stormed today. The territory map is currently showing all green with the exception of the old Mosul city district. This is the area of the mosque location that PM Abadi will plant the flag. This mosque is the former Isis stronghold headquarters site. Isis control is contained in a 12 km square area. Total victory is expected soon…. very soon. smile. Consumer goods and service continue to gradually decrease, the citizens are realizing a slight increase in purchasing power with promises of further increases in the coming days. (Now, what does that mean to you/us?)

5-16-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 I’d like to take you back to Monday the 8th of May. Here’s what has happened since. Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt that they owed them. Kuwait basically told them not to pay them in currency, but in investment opportunities. So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East. An investment window was created for Kuwait. Now we are seeing articles about that. When the WB launched…the monetary reforms, that was the 1st stage of a rocket that launched them into orbit. The 2nd stage is the CBI to lift the zeros. More education has continued to the citizens regarding an increase in power of purchase.

5-16-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO…the MR did not stop or postpone when Allak said in January to delay things. The MR is a lava flow…and CAN NOT stop! We’ve been waiting for Mosul to be liberated. By Tuesday, or Wednesday – we should hear of the liberation of Mosul. LIBERATION will launch this country. We are very close for the IQD to go up in value. We are just waiting for Iraq to ACTIVATE the rate. They’ve already LAUNCHED it. They’ve already IMPLEMENTED IT within the budget. But nothing will be worthwhile until they ACTIVATE it. IMO – we are close … and maybe other currencies are as well. I believe 4 other currencies could go up in value too. …Moody just increased Vietnam’s credit rating.

5-16-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO…in the still of the night…the exchange rate of the IQD will change…IMO…on a Sunday…when all banks align at once. An ideal time to do it. Before Ramadan…during Ramadan? Ramadan is NOT a holiday. It is a 30 day time period where they work less and eat less. About 2-3 years ago … the new 25k was introduced with the new security features? That happened during Ramadan. They are so READY… The CBI has told you…they are ready.