New areas of the security forces were able to edit

New areas of the security forces were able to edit

Saturday 18 March 2017 at 18:52 pm

New areas of the security forces were able to editBAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Restore security forces on Saturday, regions Alcor and raft central Mosul, while the federal police approached Nouri mosque in which the organization announced the alleged successor.

Federal security forces liberated areas (Alcor and raft) central Mosul city center amid violent clashes, according to a security source.

A security source told “Sky Press,” that “the federal police forces and rapid response was able to edit the areas of Alcor and the raft, the oldest neighborhoods and Azqat central Mosul city center.”

“The security forces during the advance, killed 25, including an element of Daesh three suicide bombers, explaining that those forces were able to open safe corridors for the exit of civilians after eight of the arrest of those involved with the organization of the center of the center in Mosul.”

On the other hand, the Federal Police team leader Shaker Jawdat said in a statement Saturday that “pieces of federal police and rapid response placed a beacon of humpback and Al-Nouri mosque which saw the (declaration of the alleged caliphate) to Daesh between the jaws of the pliers and close to 600 meters from the target,” as he put it.

He added Jawdat “The march continues our aircraft around the clock monitoring and targeting the movements of terrorists in the region surrounding the mosque.”

Federal police were announced earlier in the day, it continues to progress towards reviving the right side of the city of Mosul, and restore market Wednesday and grain assembly plant in the old city.

Joint security forces backed by the international coalition and started 19 of the last month a military operation to restore the right side of the city of Mosul to take out al-Daesh from the last bastion of him in the city, during which he managed to restore areas on the western side of the conductor, most notably the city’s airport and Camp Ghazlani, the government compound, after that I managed to restore the entire left side on 24 January.