Obama is planning to overthrow the Trump

Obama is planning to overthrow the Trump

Tuesday 07 March 2017 time 10:11

Obama is planning to overthrow the TrumpKtabah / Sky Press: “Barack Obama is working to organize a coup against Donald Trump,” those words came out of the new smart assistant of the company “Google” of America, to raise the attention of all the world’s media.

Newspaper “The Independent” British published a report on the deployment of “Google Home” fake news to its users, that the former US president was planning to overthrow the Trump.

And it recorded a British newspaper saying “Google Home”: “Barack Obama is working with the Chinese Communist planning a coup against the current US president, Donald Trump’s government.”

And the opening of “Google Home” catastrophic error the door to the possibility of spreading the various Intelligent Assistant counterfeit technology news without checking the sources, the lack of adequate algorithms make it materialize largely from major news sources broadcast to its users.

The British newspaper said that the biggest crisis in that some people took advantage of the error in the promotion of “conspiracy” against Trump, particularly the recent conflict with the theory of Obama after accusing him of spying on his prior statement win the US presidential election.