Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-6-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-6-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-6-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Central bank: Iraq overcome the financial crisis and the coming days bode well” Quote: “…Iraq will become a country of foreign investment as a result of competing foreign international companies to invest in the reconstruction of liberated cities…” None of this can happen…without a serious shift in economic and currency policy. Just can’t happen. They are back to “forecasting” as they were in late 2016…this time – the timeline isn’t months or a part of the year…but it’s “days” in their own words…NOT weeks, months or years.

3-6-2017 Newshound Guru loop to follow this comment up – the very next day they same thing happened again. The street rate for the Dinar got another 3k per 100 USD stronger… looking more and more like a trend. Monetary policy (in the real world) is tightening up…and I point this out because…the culmination of what we are wanting to see is being forecast by numerous other, smaller moves – this being one of them. Corruption, International agreement, financial mgmt procedures getting better, security and stability. All happening now.

3-6-2017 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017″ Quote: “A new phase began espoused by Iraq of developing the financial sector is the adoption of a sophisticated system changes the shape of financial transactions and the entry of active cooperation with the world’s largest companies,” …at some point action is required over rhetoric, for those of us who’ve been following these guys long enough we know talk is cheap in Iraq. Shabibi illustrated long ago that the GOI have to be willing dance partners for the open market to work and grow, without the legislative foundation the best efforts of the CBI are for naught.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017″ Here are a few things I’ve noticed with all the good news from today…so much talk about system changes that is a huge plus I am thinking…this article and at least one or two others have made mention of dealing with some very large companies and banks…in fact “some of the world’s largest companies”…and “the largest banking technology companies in the world”…That all tells me that not [only] is Iraq serious about what is coming but also and this is UUUUGGGGEEEEE IMO…these companies on this grand of a scale are also seeing Iraq as a serious and probably very competitive entity at this time or they would not be looking in this direction…Large companies don’t tend to waste their time on losing propositions…they are SUCCESSFUL…for a reason…they pick WINNERS…and IMHO Iraq is a WINNER who is about to step onto the top box to receive GOLD…in a number of ways I tend to believe.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017″ Quote: “…the current year will see in the fourth quarter sophisticated financially important is linking the banking sector…” This is a huge article! It appears to me that they are stating that this year they expect to open the banking system to the world. That freedom of movement and international transactions will begin. This to me, appears to be confirmation that during 2017 we will see the beginning of currency reform.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Iraq receives $ 18 billion from IMF” I find this highly interesting…especially the part about payment to Kuwait for war compensations…they owe Iraq [Kuwait??] $4.5 billion that had been deferred until this year…now they are paying them 9 billion of this 18 billion from the IMF that is just odd to me, unless that is perhaps an agreed upon “extra” amount for loss of properties or bodies not recovered…who knows…and the IMF stipulates they need to reform their financial system…that sounds much like the Monetary Reform to me…so be it…get with the program Iraq…make it so.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Revbo Article: “Central Bank: the financial crisis behind us and the next few days are promising” Sounds like they want to get things moving pretty quickly after Mosul is over, and nobody’s coming in if they can’t get their money out.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Phillyman Articles: “Iraqi command says a few meters close from Mosul government complex” “Iraqi forces control most of 2 western Mosul districts, pound Tal Afar” “Iraqi forces launch fresh push in western Mosul battle” “Iraqi forces near government buildings in Mosul as fight against ISIS continues” Obviously the timing of the Mosul operation being complete is all over the place but I wanted to put this quote from the first article here in case you missed it. This is the opinion of a Lt. General, Federal Police Chief: “He said the troops have become a few meters away from the government complex, adding that retaking that area could mean “a 80 percent strategic and moral victory in western Mosul battles”.