Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-3-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-3-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-3-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Parliamentary Finance’s “approach” to postpone the project to delete the zeros until further notice” Quote: “…Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced the postponement of the project to delete the zeros that was planned years ago to apply until further notice.” …that almost has the “smack” of her pointing out that this WAS PLANNED – then POSTPONED until further notice. Which is…accurate…they aren’t saying further notice isn’t tomorrow, next week or next month either. Why would they be “rehashing” a decision that was put off back in 2012 – right now? Over a concept that is DIRECTLY germane to their forward economic progress. In fact…it is a little weird this is coming out now – right near the end of Mosul… or in this “first part of 2017 timeframe” – why now? I think it’s obvious.

3-3-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 …we believe Mosul is 100%. Very, very soon… maybe over the weekend…they should tell you that Mosul is liberated. So…we are looking at the CBI…we are looking at their actions / words. In the last few weeks…news from the CBI has been very, very good. IMO…with these conditions of Security & Stability being magnified over the last 48 hours…and the fact that the US Dollar rate is declining…declining to the IQD inside of Iraq…and IMO…they are floating their dinar to land at a certain point…to remove some zeros. The exchange rate…lifting of the 3 zeros is closing in. Iraq can lift the value anytime they want.

3-3-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Their Central Bank communicates with the IMF…and the CBI in 2015 they sent a memo to the IMF and said look…we thank you for the green light to lift the 000’s from our exchange rate…but we are studying the situation right now…and unfortunately as we know and you know…by law we cannot delete the 000’s…right now in the middle of this year 2015…so we are going to move everything to the early part of 2017. …the acting governor of the CBI said very clearly in the articles…he said…I am trying my best ok but we cannot raise the value of our currency in the middle of the year…it has to be at the beginning of our fiscal year…the Monetary Reform is the deletion of the 000’s from the exchange rate…we have accomplished what we needed to do in lifting the 000’s from the streets…and we are at the start of 2017…and it is now time implement the Monetary Reform…and I think they are IMO… IOO…we are very close on the RV…there are no delays.

3-3-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce …what we are seeing in terms of Iraq, we have heard today [Thursday] as of 5am EST Iraq is exchanging currency in the Middle East with 4 or 5 countries at a rate of $4.96. It was really approaching $5. We heard a rate of $5.20, but I can confirm $4.96. Iraq is kind of doing their own thing. They started a few days ago on Saturday with a bond offering of a sovereign bond in Iraq $1 trillion offering. Four or five countries of the 23 countries that were offered it took advantage of it right away, which included France, Russia, United States, and others that took advantage of those bonds. What we are hearing of Mosul is positive. It was completely taken back. We are looking for an announcement of that. Things are being done and moving in a right direction. We are really in a good place. I look forward to…the start of a good weekend.

3-2-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …I have a couple of rumors that I’m holding onto. I had hoped to have
a better confirmation on them before posting this… I do not have 
what I need in order to release it, so I’m sticking with my
guesstimate of the rate. When I think about it, I hope I’m wrong and y’all are riding with me 
to a much higher rate! You don’t want to see $3.14 any more than I
 do! But I’m a realist, and that guides my logic on matters like this…Let’s move forward a few steps and talk about a ReValued dinar. I agree that a lower rate than the Kuwaiti Dinar will be a blow to the ego’s of the Iraqis. I agree that it should be on par with the USD, or even higher. I agree that the rate WILL get there… eventually. I believe that Iraq can sustain a very stable currency at a rate of $3 or higher, but I don’t think they will immediately jump to that rate even if they ultimately desire it to be so.

3-2-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 We all know the campaign we have been on for many months…in recent weeks we’ve been screaming … “Give me Mosul!” We’ve said…“give me Mosul” and you’ll see the speed of the MR. The FINAL ARTICLES have told you they are going to do something with their exchange rate after the battle of Mosul is over. What did Abadi do with his new leadership? He created his own war (within the GOI/CBI) and got rid of those who were stealing money with Maliki. A liberated Mosul = CONFIDENCE! MOSUL = Terrorism gone! At least most of it. The only solution for Iraq’s success is for them to raise the value of their currency. The battle in Mosul…IMO…is very close to ending.

3-2-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce Everyone needs to be watching events in Mosul. As security improves with the continuing advancement of Iraqi forces, and the liberation of Mosul announced officially by Abadi, that will be when our window is the Best. Iraq is looking for security from ISIS, along with the US advisors that are there. Security and stability really are the keywords. And based on recent news on Mosul, it is getting closer. So, to repeat: We are watching for an official announcement from Abadi that Mosul has been Liberated. Based on the information I have right now, once that happens, it should not be but a matter of days. Everyone with a say in the matter wants this to happen. We are close.. Every large bank will exchange…RELAX the RV is coming…