U.S. Embassy include the extension of protection to Iraqi funds until May of 2013

Zebari receives a message from the U.S. Embassy include the extension of protection to Iraqi funds until May of 2013

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 16:42

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates received Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a letter from the Embassy of the United States include the extension of protection to Iraqi funds until the month of May 2013.

The Foreign Ministry statement today that “Zebari received in the office of the ministry’s headquarters, Robert Beecroft Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States, who delivered a letter to the Minister include the extension of protection and immunities Extraordinary that protect Iraqi funds {the Development Fund for Iraq} until the month of May 2013.”

He added that “U.S. President Barack Obama signed on 8 May of this year’s executive order situation of national emergency with respect to the stability of Iraq for another year and will remain Iraq’s money is protected as far as U.S. laws provided by the usual immunities of political protection.”

The statement continued that “During the meeting, they discussed relations, Iraq – Kuwait and the regional situation.”

The Cabinet had approved on 28 February, the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee on the subject of Iraqi funds abroad and to assign the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approached the U.S. side through diplomatic channels in order to issue an executive order by the U.S. President for the continued protection of Iraqi funds for an additional year as of 22 May 2012.

The decision protects American Development Fund for Iraq {}, bank accounts and property of Iraq and the oil resources of Iraq, while trying to companies and persons claiming to be affected by the Iraq disengagement protect the funds in order to bring cases to capture it. It is noteworthy that the U.S. decision is an additional cover to protect Iraqi funds in addition to the traditional immunity of States before the courts around the world.

And began administration of U.S. President George W. Bush after the war on Iraq in 2003 measures to protect Iraqi funds has pledged the U.S. administration through {the Strategic Framework Agreement} with the relations between Iraq and the United States supported Iraq in the efforts to restore the funds and help them out of the resolutions of the Chapter VII of the United Nations, but Some of those decisions that protect Iraqi funds, which requires resolving the outstanding issues and reach a suitable formula for Iraqi assets are not exposed to harassment, especially revenues from Iraqi oil.

The revenue is currently stored in {} Development Fund for Iraq established by Security Council resolution 1483. Ended

Source: alforatnews