Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-1-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-1-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-1-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article: “A government source revealed on Sunday, for the low monetary reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq to $ 45 billion, as a result of the deterioration of oil prices and the continuation of the “waste” of public money.” First they told us the CBI reserves are safe in the near future, as they are stabilized due to the recent borrowing and other resources. I quote from the article above – “the government has stopped for the time being its reliance on central bank reserves, and began to take advantage of the state’s resources and borrowing,” …so now we know they no longer have a need to tap into the reserves as they are using other sources to make up the deficit going forward. But the best news is…I quote from the article above – “is expected to return to its former glory after the end of the war on Daesh” …we must wait for the final announcement from PM Abadi that the war with Daesh is entirely over. This is when the war will be “officially” ended. But nonetheless it is still excellent news to hear it from the mouth of the CBI once again.

2-1-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat …this does not necessarily mean that the instant the war is over we get the RV. This statement could mean that over the next couple years along with the financial and economic reforms they plan to rebuild the economy and eventually get the dinar up to the past value. It is the economy that will drive the rate higher and higher but first they must somehow kick start it. Thus I firmly believe that the initial launching of these lower denoms [with around a 1:1 – IQD:USD] as this catalyst. For the economic Stability – we have been witnessing all the financial reforms, economic reforms, banking reforms and anti-corruption laws, the price of oil rise (thus more revenue) and so we know this part is ready and now in alignment. All the factors now seem to be coming into alignment once again like a solar eclipse… and this is our proof that the time is very near.

2-1-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce …In Iraq, in the laws they have passed, their Qi cards that are charged and working all over the world at a rate in the $4 range. We know Dr Shabbi stated the Iraq dinar could support a rate of $16. We know there is a valuable rate going to be higher than we thought it would be. The last rate before…their economy was…crushed…$3.22. So we thought it should be at $3.22 or higher. We are happy Iraq has their sovereignty back, their currency back, able to open up and be tradable across the world.

2-1-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce We are looking for a final announcement that states that fact and the liberation of Mosul. Hopefully…We might find it out tomorrow of the liberation of Mosul. That will allow the trigger to discuss the rest of what Iraq is doing in the international asset gold back currency. In Iraq, China made a gift of the Iraqi flag, which is 38 feet tall by 60 feet long. It has been flying steady in its location in a nice section of Mosul for days now. It is a good sign. CBI site has not shown a new rate on spread sheet for 30 days. Their law says it has to be posted on their sites no longer than 30 days. We are right there or should be there in a matter of day or two having that rate updated on their site, the CBI site. Realize that we are close. I am positive in terms of our timing and good shape for this to go through. We need to stay patient a little bit longer.

2-1-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Hakim Rejects the Settlement Under the International Trusteeship” Hakim are you serious? You’re considering to reject the National Alliance Settlement that we have signed together? Trump is not fooling around with Iraq and I really believe he is not going to allow them to continue to fool around with the laziness of the Monetary Reform (MR). Now granted, we are in control of the MR, we’ve told them to lift the value, we’ve told everything that they need to do…we’ve taken them every place that they need to be in the International theater. We are in control but it is their Sovereignty, it is their prerogative to take that control and push the button that lifts the value on their currency.

1-31-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke We’ll be able to tell you more, after February 12th. But for now, according to our view, there’s a real possibility, and we say “possibility”, that Iraq will implement a small rate increase between now and Feb. 5, and show it within the budget publicly. …What’s really uncertain, but KEY, is the progress particularly in Mosul – BECAUSE – read this closely…and we’re NOT picking political sides, as we always state…the Trump administration is throwing everything they have at it, right at this moment …to End it ASAP & in Syria, as well… BECAUSE, President Trump knows “where the money is at “. …He has always known, that Iraq & the ME, is where the massive wealth is centered, especially with regard to the U.S. future. Not just the currency, which is but a very small part of the wealth.

1-31-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke The real wealth is in the ground, in primarily OIL, at least for the long foreseeable future…and it’s been moving through the hands of crooks, for too many years, by the Trillions. The new administration is cleaning out the last remnants of what is remaining there, as quickly as possible (ISIS)…but the Public WILL NOT BE MADE AWARE OF THE PROGRESS on ANY PUBLIC NEWS MEDIA…It doesn’t make any sense – You’re NOT going to know any factual details AHEAD OF TIME”. They want to be able to suddenly and publicly announce that especially Iraq, and probably before Syria…is ISIS free, cleared, safe, liberated etc., so that the world is put on OFFICIAL NOTICE, and Business – Financial Business, in Iraq can not only be JUSTIFIED, but THRIVE FULLY. This is a WORLDWIDE MESSAGE, not just for Iraq. Take Note: THIS IS CLOSER TO HAPPENING NOW, THAN YOU THINK.

1-31-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke Iraq has not posted their NEW rate yet, including the Budget, because they’ve been WAITING. Waiting on the BEST timing, to let things move, which has been a combination of seeing what happens in the U.S., and how far they can advance against and within Mosul & in Syria. The more they advance, the quicker they can move the rate, at least UP A LITTLE BIT…they want to get the ball rolling out of the gate, somewhat slowly, and let it pick up lot of steam over the next few months…the Economy demands it…We’re going to go ahead and tell you, that we see the month of MAY, as a VERY KEY MONTH…

1-31-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 [ (Guru) DELTA POSTED THAT CBI HAS 30 DAYS THAT THEY HAVE TO POST EXCHANGE RATE ACCORDING TO THEIR CONSTITUTION.] IMO…Go by when they showed YOU…January 4th 2017.