Clinton got 834 thousand votes in the elections illegitimate ..!

Clinton got 834 thousand votes in the elections illegitimate ..!


Clinton got 834 thousand votes in the elections illegitimateThe newspaper “Washington Post” said that more than 800 thousand out of about 65 million and 845 thousand votes reaped by former candidate for US President, Hillary Clinton, was illegal.

The newspaper pointed out, based on a study conducted by a team of political scientists at the University of “Old Dominion” of America, Virginia, headed by Jesse Richman, that about 6.4 percent of about 20 million adults living in the United States illegally participated in the presidential elections on November 8, 2016.

Scientific study showed that Clinton had the support of 834 thousand and 381 votes from these “voters”, the equivalent of 81 percent of the total number of sounds made by residents in the United States illegally.

The new American president, Donald Trump, has repeatedly stressed that no less than five million people voted in the last election illegal political democracy, Hillary Clinton, made a difference for the benefit amounted to 2,000,800 thousand votes over Republican rival Trump.

The Donald Trump managed, and contrary to all expectations, to overcome in the presidential race for the Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who was supported by each of the past US administration headed by Barack Obama, and means the most influential media in the United States and the Western world as a whole, as well as the liberal camp leaders in countries European.

And reap Trump, after the first and crucial stage of the elections, which were held in November 8, support for 304 out of 538 American delegates, at the time Clinton made it a Republican political in terms of total number of votes by a wide margin to exceed two million votes.

And became Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race, a shock to the United States, but for the world as a whole, and the dismay of liberal politicians in the West, who are their supporters organized protest demonstrations against the Republican political election, not only in American cities, but in different parts of the world.

It should be noted in this context that the US presidential elections take place in two phases. Initially, voters cast their ballots in all states, and gets the winning candidate in the state on the votes of all the delegates, who number equals the number of constituencies to Congress, and will depend on the proportion of the local population of the year the number of US citizens.

In the second phase, which is problematic, the delegates will vote for the candidate who won their mandate to elect the US president.

The overall number of delegates was 538 people, and therefore the candidate must be harvested Vote 270 delegates to achieve victory in the presidential race.