Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-25-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-25-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-25-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Didn’t we already suggest that it could be 1 to 1? They are slowly growing to the 1 to 1. Is that why there is no exchange rate…anywhere on the CBI website to be found? Hey CBI…wasn’t it about 4 years ago that Kuwait…on their bank spreadsheet… showed for about 48 hours…showed a rate for the IQD at 35 cents…and remember when everyone got excited and they called the CBI…and the CBI had to deny it? And then about 48 hours later, Kuwait removed the rate.

1-25-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Hey CBI…another question…wasn’t it Kuwait that recently came to Iraq…signed some documents and quickly took off…then bragged that they signed some deals for about $1.26? Kuwait has a tendency to expose themselves. I don’t know what the rate is inside of Iraq…but in my opinion…it’s jumping all over the place. But…to go INTERNATIONAL with a program rate…they know that won’t work… The program rate…is still being left out of the CBI website…which means they can post a rate anytime they want…we know they will FLOAT THE IQD once they eliminate the 3 zeros.

1-25-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Dollar drops to 1274 dinars in foreign exchange markets in Iraq” 1,282 is the rate reported by the CBI. [CBI updated the market rate today to 1270]

1-25-2017 Newshound Guru loop Article: “High degree of optimism about Iraq’s credit rating” Quote: “The rating agency Standard & Poor’s, the largest credit rating agencies in the world, has recently proven its credit rating for Iraq at B- / B in spite of the fluctuation of oil prices and a height of caution and gave him a stable outlook.” the (S & P) pointed out that Iraq possesses huge reserves and has substantial oil exports, thereby reducing the concerns in this area. …ASK YOURSELVES THIS…WHAT HAS CHANGED? IF…ALL THIS NEWS DOES NOT MAKE YOUR SMILE THEN YOU NEED TO REREAD THE NEWS FOR THE LAST 4 MONTHS.

1-25-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce …Iraq has had a new rate in back of their screens in our banks since January 2? Today I understand, they have a debit card, Qi card, for the Iraq people, and globally wherever this card is held, today the rate is $4.64. That is a new rate. What is interesting is it appears to be a rate that might be available today and used around the world today. I think there is a greater rate coming. The first part of that rate, the $4, should increase quite a bit with a change of rate by the CBI.

1-25-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce Concerning Iraq, just when we think everything is done with Iraq, we found there were 4 more laws to be passed this morning [Tuesday]. One of those laws was the National banking law. The law the rate would be held in. …At 10am Iraq time this morning, this occurred and…all 4 laws were passed. …those need to show up in the Gazette to make it official. My understanding is the rate is in the law and the budget. Both the budget and the rate will be visible very shortly. I am hearing everything is done now…In the way of true Intel right now as it stands, we are at a precipice of this going any day…it looks like everything I have heard and more recently in a text, we should be there before Saturday or even Friday. We are in a great position for this week.

1-24-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Quote: “Class US site of the Iraqi currency [dinar] at the bottom of the strongest Arab currency arrangement. According to the order published on [] the US, the GCC currencies were among the strongest Arab currencies, are the bottom, including Iraq, Lebanon and the countries of the list.” What they are telling us is the Iraqi dinar deserves a much higher ranking among the GCC countries but where is it today? Compared to the other countries Iraq will very soon rise out the ISIS crisis. How will this happen? We all know and its coming soon. This is the point of the article.

1-24-2017 Newshound Guru wmawhite Article: “Iraqi Central Bank, all banks to stop providing drafts bills and import licenses on the sale of currency window, pointing to comply with the electronic system” This is significant. The IMF encourages all central bank to have the exchange/sale of foreign currencies within their country to reside within the banking system. Not at the central bank. This article shows that the CBI is engaged in completing that task. The CBI just put out the instructions a week ago and today it is telling the banks to get with it, follow the instructions.


1-24-2017 Newshound Guru wmawhite […I dont believe that a RV will change the corruption in Iraq.] You are correct…and why is that? Answer: because the IQD will NOT change in value within Iraq. Corrupt people will continue to look for ways to benefit off of other people’s hard work.

1-24-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG […any idea why the date on the CBI site has been frozen at “Indicative rates – 04.01.2017″?] I have offered my opinion – it has something to do with the recent changes in how they do things within their banking system (going on right now) – and while odd, may have nothing to do with a change in value. I did not say – “nothing to do with currency reform” – because, if it has anything to do with the recent shake-up in their banking structure – then obviously, it has something to do with “currency reform”.

1-24-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 We should be seeing very soon…at least this month, walking into next is the release of Chapter VII in an official manner…so that the budget…so that auctions…can be defined a little better. Where is the budget? In the Gazette. Shouldn’t it be open and implemented right now? No. Why? Because it has a program rate. So why don’t they use it? Because they are waiting to change their rate. …any time after the 20th (time frame) until the end of the 1st quarter (Friday, March 31st)…From the 20th until the 31st of March…this thing is loaded for bear!

1-24-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 I believe that the MCP, the MOI, the MOU, the LOI’s are no longer necessary. You know why? Because we are beyond the Monetary Reform. What I believe is that right now…Iraq is going through a phase …entering their NATURAL POSITION in the INTERNATIONAL world. Everything you are seeing right now has to happen with URGENCY! There are spots in Iraq that are fighting against the program rate. Some are very well aware about what is going to happen with their currency. Iraq is driven by money…and at this point…I believe that they are maximizing their investment…their currency.

1-24-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 We told you many times…Mosul is NOT part of the monetary reform…but Mosul is a requirement for it – in the sense of security / stability. You have seen some dramatic events to that fact (regarding Mosul) in the last 72 hours. Did we not say that once we have Mosul, very quickly you’ll have the MR? – and I still stand by that. Now, last week they told us they have liberated Mosul. Turns out they were talking about liberation of certain pocket areas but not all of Mosul yet. Let us agree that Mosul is NOT fully liberated yet…but very, very, very close.

1-24-2017 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: “Iraqi army and coalition forces prepare to expand their offensive against the Sunni militants into west Mosul.” …sounds like this week that are going to begin the offensive battle in the western section of the Mosul region…As I write this news letter I was just informed the northern section of Mosul is not liberated. Let’s wait and see what they tell us in the news. Remember we wait for the pm Abadi to make a formal announcement of the total liberation of Mosul. This is our queue that the CBI might launch those lower denoms and get this process rolling. This could literally happen in the next week or less.