State of Law: Article 140 “finished” and the border will not draw blood

State of Law: Article 140 “finished” and the border will not draw blood

Saturday 5 November 2016 | 10:49

State of Law - Article 140 finished and the border will not draw bloodBAGHDAD / …. MP for the coalition of law Haider Mawla, Saturday, that Article 140 of the Constitution has become a finished constitution will not allow the drawing of blood or without borders, noting that the administrative border of the disputed areas to be determined according to the constitution and laws which give the mechanism through which the people of those areas to self-determination.

He said the Lord’s “Eye of Iraq News,” that “talk about drawing blood borders are just dreams will not be realized and will not allow draw blood or without borders.”

He added that “there is a constitution and the law deal with to solve any problem and draws the border is the Constitution only, and Article 140 of the Constitution is clear and explicit material says,” It is performed after four months’ duration expired since 2007, has thus become the finished and is of value. ”

Mawla, he noted: “If he wants the province or the government to resolve the issue of the administrative border, they search for a new mechanism guaranteed by the Constitution and laws decide through which the people of those areas of their future.”

The National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad, had confirmed earlier, the existence of understanding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the disputed areas, adding that the two sides Sijlsan to the dialogue table “after the stability of the security situation in the country.”

The disputed areas of the highlights of the chronic problems between the Governments of the Union in Baghdad, the Kurdistan Region in Arbil, which did not find a solution to the satisfaction of nationalities that inhabit.

Kurds and confirms their eligibility to those areas and annexed to the Kurdistan region after the application of Article (140), while the majority of Baghdad rejects political blocks it.

According to article mentioned for these areas, including Kirkuk and some districts of Diyala province, the city, the Constitution gave the government until the end of 2007 to apply, but several obstacles have prevented the implementation of all its clauses, and already allocated to the ministerial committee for this purpose by applying some of its clauses, such as compensation for those affected and the normalization of the situation. ended 3