Citizens: Rafidain Bank refused to receive Basmajh Introduction Apartments in Iraqi Dinars

Citizens: Rafidain Bank refused to receive Basmajh Introduction Apartments in Iraqi Dinars

04/06/2012 8:03

Baghdad, “Iraq’s gate,” Mohammed Sharif

A number of citizens that some branches of banks, government banks, as elected by the National Investment Commission, refused to receive the premium amount in Iraqi dinars, Bde did not report it at the exchange rate under which Tjoal amount set by the Commission.

He said citizens “of the gate of Iraq” on Monday that some branches of the Rafidain Bank, specifically including a branch of the eastern door, refused to receive the payment amount in Iraqi dinars, and demanded some of which specify the exchange rate according to the price traded in the commercial market and not, as defined by the National Investment Commission.

The director of the Rafidain Bank branch of the eastern door “of the gate of Iraq,” he does not mind receiving the amount in Iraqi dinars .. But he quickly he added: “It has not reached the exchange rate” and that he would Asenlm the amount of payment in U.S. dollars only.

He called the branch manager of the auditors to go to public administration in the bank or to the Office of the National Investment Commission in the Baghdad International Fair for clarification. Returned it out of its responsibilities.

The National Investment has confirmed since the announcement of the draft City Basmajh last year, said that “the dollar exchange rate will be 1,200 Iraqi dinars to the dollar.”

And witness the exchange rate of the dollar against Iraqi dinar fluctuated sharply after that increased demand for the dollar due to the tension that prevails in the Middle East, and particularly what is happening in Iran and Syria after the cessation of their dealings foreign bank. What these two countries to pay dealers to search for Dhalthma in the capital market for the Iraqi on the U.S. dollar for trade finance in these countries.

And the exchange rate after the intervention of the central bank and government banks to about 1220 Iraqi dinars, compared to 1280 in the last few days. Where the Rafidain and Rasheed to sell the dollar price of 1189 Iraqi dinars.

Source: albawwaba