Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-21-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-21-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions10-21-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling “Question: Sounds like they’re having a hard time convincing people in Iraq to have confidence in the Dinar…how can they make them want to use it?” This is the power in knowing what happens to currency…if you know how it got there you can reverse it. Remember what we did. We put US dollars in their economy. Then we did Shock and Awe and their economy collapsed they started to use the US dollar. We printed the New Iraqi Dinar. They started using it. Remember…the dinar count at that time was around 30 Trillion dinar at it’s peak and 9 billion notes max…A report from the IMF said the Iraqi dinar’s real market rate was between 4 and 12 cents and I bought dinars based on that.

10-21-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling …They had never mentioned to the government or to the IMF or anybody that they wanted to get it to a buck and then they wanted to get it to $3.25…one of the things that’s interesting as they put out the new currency, when I got into it there was an expected rate of between 4 and 12 cents. The next thing you know there was a report put out about how General Petraeus was saying how popular the dinar was getting inside of Iraq itself. Here’s what people don’t understand…they were alarmed by it. It wasn’t a good thing…we basically put more US dollars into their economy. and they started printing even more notes…adding to the note count at the beginning. You had to have faith with what these guys were doing and saying. Shabibi stated they are adding value to it and eventually we are going to take 75% of those notes out and we’re going to add value to the currency and then we’ll change this currency out and make the denominations a lot smaller…That’s the statement he put out there.

10-21-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Rasheed Bank intends to apply to transfer your money IBAN system” Quote: “Rasheed Bank announced on Thursday its intention to apply the “IBAN” your system to transfer money in and out of Iraq…” The good news about this article is that Iraq is finally engaging the world banking system’s and pulling themselves out of the stone age. It doesn’t, however, indicate a “internationally recognized” currency in Article VIII is right around the corner. I would bet that 95% of the money that goes through the IBAN system will be dollars that are purchased by Iraqi’s at the bank.


10-21-2016 Newshound Guru Adam Montana I have nothing negative to report but I also have no RV to announce… in my opinion, there’s a very simple reason: HCL. Now here’s the good news: we’ve seen more on the HCL in the last week than we saw all summer! And THAT has me smiling… Parliament is making moves… – just look at the news… The HCL (oil agreement) is once again a TOPIC… it was NOT a topic for a few months. Are we close? Obviously closer than a month ago, and I can’t say “yep for sure this week!”, but the direction is good and there are only a few things left. Iraq has the fundamental ability and motivation to RV, and that’s something that people either understand or deny. I’m monitoring the situation…

10-20-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …these are interesting times…with our investment…we told you that IMO I felt around the 15th of October or just after that date the battle of Mosul would…start…I seriously, truly, and sincerely believe that once Iraq was put on the white list there was a decision made for Mosul…IMO…at 3:03 am on the 16th of this month I believe the Monetary Reform was put into its full swing of completion. The most important thing about Mosul…is that it has given us SS…STABILITY and SECURITY…SS is the reason why we are walking in the direction of the Monetary Reform now…from the nanosecond they were put on the white list…to the moment of the 3:03 am launch to attack Mosul…to begin the battle…those were the beginning of the green lights that have brought us SS now..

10-20-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 Iraq came out and stated they have completed all IMF requirements…For the Financial Advisor of Abadi…Saleh…to come out and say…we’ve done everything the IMF has told us…how bold is that…for the IMF…to actually come out and say we are giving you now your second loan…in about 10 days…that will put us right about the beginning of November…I believe deep in my heart that the Monetary Policy has been launched. This Monetary Reform Plan is from the IMF…about six or seven years ago they put this together with Iraq…the Transition Rate right now is part of this plan…I believe they are doing something with their rate to try and get it to 1 to 1…and they did not write a plan for a LOP…they did not write a plan to stay at a program rate…IMO this Transitional Rate is bringing in commodities into the country of Iraq…and IMO this Transitional Rate is slowly moving up…up…for the purpose IMO to add value to the Iraqi dinar in country…I believe the negotiations that are occurring with this Transitional Rate are going to be seen with more evidence sometime around the second week of November…

10-20-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …the IMF has given them an A+ in everything they are doing…and now they are going to reward them with that second loan…that is way ahead of schedule…the white list was way ahead of schedule. …I am not too worried about the value right now…what we were worried about or concerned about was the note count…because they told you they were lifting the 000’s…you think it is from the exchange rate…we tried to explain it to you…they are lifting it from the streets…so they can lift it from the exchange rate…and I believe they have accomplished this. There are many steps and many parts to the Monetary Policy and IMO I see that they have been accomplished…the IMF has not said one single word about 2017…IMO…the IMF is preparing them to raise the value in 2016…and the other part…Iraq talks about 2017 because that is when Iraq wants to introduce the LD’s…that are affected by the RI that is occurring right now behind closed doors…

10-20-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Rasheed Bank intends to apply to transfer your money IBAN system” Quote: “Rasheed Bank announced on Thursday its intention to apply the “IBAN” your system to transfer money in and out of Iraq…” [Surely to transfer money internationally , your money has to be internationally recognized?] The dinar is already internationally recognized. It’s a choice by most banks to not accept it and exchange it worldwide because they are still in Article XIV under the IMF. Article VIII of sorts provides a sense of assurance that the CBI meets international standards and requirements (and therefore, makes the dinar more internationally accepted at the banks). What the Rasheed is doing here is a good thing for sure, but Article VIII will also be needed for it to be beneficial to Iraq.

10-20-2016 Newshound Guru Islandg1211 The WTO has a well structured path to membership with each step well defined. Iraq started the process under the Bush Administration, then stopped. There’s been NO WORKING GROUP EVEN FORMED. There have been NO scheduled WTO Working Group meetings even scheduled in the past two years. Iraq is NO WHERE NEAR becoming a member according to the WTO website. They were probably closer to becoming a member under the Bush Administration’s guidance and influence than they are now. Iraq has gone NO WHERE in 8 YEARS within the WTO ascension process… Iraq literally hasn’t held a meeting in eight years… membership ascension is a step-by-step lengthy process. Iraq never even got to the second step.

10-20-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat …the battle for Mosul…As we waited months for the battle to begin, we are now seeing it being played out. …you should know why the battle to free Mosul has been held up for so long. Many of us questioned this and asked why they don’t just attack and get it done already. USA needed an updated Status of Forces Agreement in place…So in 2014 Maliki was told that for USA troops to come back the USA needed immunity and an updated Status of Forces Agreement. He refused to give them both. Actually it was not until the new prime minister in Maliki’s place, that it was finally negotiated.

10-20-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat So eventually the USA did make the needed agreements but these agreements were difficult and needed “kid gloves” to manage. You see it was not just the Abadi government in Baghdad but also the Kurdistan region that needed to have solid agreements in place as to how to handle the new USA occupation of Iraq. So agreements were made with Kurdistan and the Baghdad government as to how to set the new government and to whom will provide the security and take over the region.

10-20-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat …if it were not for these last 8 years of Maliki administration (2007-2014), Iraq would be 8 years ahead of where it is today. As we are witnessing now the progress Abadi has made in the short time in office we can see the renewed hope for Iraq. Once the corruption and the “will” to clean up the corruption and support the true democratic principles (constitution of Iraq) Iraq can now move ahead. Maybe in the end result this was a very good thing since was Iraq really ready to move to an international currency?