Customs tariff; Economic irony between the government and the Central Bank

Chaos markets innovative, drawing features Bremer (Bremer) and fostered by the Iraqi government neglecting and disable of economic law on purpose, including the law of customs tariff of the monopoly markets of Iraq and emptying them of their currencies to the foreign, where again the government reiterated the request of the House of Representatives to postpone the application pending completion of procedures, tools and means of application of the law The Ministry of Finance to provide practical and technical reasons justifying the delay, despite the application of this law has been initiated three years ago and was scheduled to work before more than a year.

Delay seems very logical to economists and even industrialists who had been cheered by the application of this law better, and simply, the council of deputies and another minister and army Armrm of advisers are not able throughout this period of completion tools and means of application of the law, and limiting mechanisms for the application to the Ministry of Finance only seem to be ridiculous , ie it is administrative mechanisms are purely concerned with the Ministry of Finance and how to collect taxes only, and that means emptying the law of its content and advantages of the economic purpose of the legislation and as a means of increasing state revenues only, and not also as a means of protecting domestic production, there is no domestic production to be protected because the government seeks never to address the causes that led to output the production projects of the Iraqi service Kaltdkhm and the exchange rate of the local currency and dumping goods and commercial fraud, corruption and lack of services and all these things contributed to the lack of conditions of competition and raise the costs of domestic production compared to production set, and this is what makes the claims to delay it a compelling and give the government an excuse to disable it, like from other economic laws.

The central bank has used to its note outside the flock, he bears the brunt of the destruction of domestic production in Ankiedh blind to carry Recipes Experts Bank and the IMF ready-made, and the opposite of what the focus of its responsibility to tackle inflation and maintain the stabilizing markets, he contributed to the industry inflation and lose local currency the real value and the deterioration of their purchasing power with its continuation upward continuous nominal value of the dinar and select the exchange rate is higher than its true value, and this led to high local production costs and lower production costs contained, and has been the central bank to adopt a method of ostriches in the face of dangers and buried his head in the sand so as not to see what others see it and distribute it to the excuses and flimsy amounted to a disregard of all the theories and scientific applications of economic and hit the wall when he finds the Deputy Governor (the appearance of Mohammed Saleh) of that there is no harm in keeping the Iraqi economy, a yield of unilateral and compensate the losses of the lack of domestic production of oil revenues, and is similar to inflation wheel of time that can not be returned to the back covering up for his inability, and finds that the tariff customs reason to raise the rates of inflation and left out the customs tariff is of the procedures taken by States to address the imbalances of cash and dealing with inflation, especially if inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy is (inflated self) any increase in the amount currency in circulation in the market, which affects the increase in demand for goods and services and lead to the emergence of financial speculation than of episodes ins (mediators) between the supplier and the consumer leading to higher prices, Valtarafh is a way to absorb the surplus cash from the market, which caused the bank pumped, and represent the brake to growth rates of demand and reduce consumption.

And the Central Bank was not satisfied, including advances and promising preparing for abortion the law of customs tariff, even if completed the government all the requirements of success, including the attributes of the monetary instruments associated with his project miserable to delete the zeros from the currency, and re-raise the value of the dinar nominal smokeless value and equated in dollars (as if he had not heard that the currency’s strength and its ability to competition lies in the cut), and this leads to a reduction in costs of production contained in the same proportion drawing Alkmarki imposed on it almost, what is the purpose of the issuance of this law if the government is in a valley and the central bank goes in another? How can activate the productive sectors of the economy and the creation of a national multi-faceted and the central exchange rate weapon used to destroy them?

The success of the tariff law of customs associated with activating the productive sectors by addressing inflation to withdraw surplus cash from the market to cut government spending, and the devaluation of local currency which is a very effective tool in promoting growth, and lead to the creation of incentives for the productive sectors (industrial, agricultural, tourism and hospitality) growth-enhancing and increases the profitability of the productive sectors and revitalization, as well as to combat the financial and administrative corruption and the provision of services and support the productive sectors (especially the private sector, which was destroyed completely), and this leads to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and support the national product and the multiplicity of its aspects, as the application of tariff law customs will be an effective means also to withdraw the cash surplus, and create fair competition with the production contained and reduced episodes ins between the supplier and the consumer and reduce the margin of profiteering which adds merchants, and perhaps the most important advantages that had to be imposed is to lure transnational corporations and bringing new investment and production in Iraq instead of bringing their products from the outside, but otherwise, the cancellation is much better than working out.