22/08/2016 10:32

US Dollar-Iraqi DinarBAGHDAD / Babylon 24 / .. Parliament plans to investigate the file “Development Fund for Iraq,” the private oil revenues, the center of information on the disappearance of billions of dollars it received after the administration of local authorities in 2013.

The fund known as the “EDF” any form under Security Council Resolution 1483, to protect Iraqi funds from international claims and pirated after 2003, and deposited the oil sales funds to be used in the budget and reconstruction, at the request of the government and the approval of the management of the Fund and the Central American Bank.

Economy Commission for parliamentary and investment confirmed the words of its president Nora Salem Albjara that the Commission will open Iraqi assets file abroad, after receiving information about the disappearance of some of them, and seize the creditors on the other under the pretext of compensation, mostly untrue, and explained, “upon delivery of Fund Portfolio of Iraq in 2013 was the most from $ 18 billion a year later dropped to below 10 dollars, the rest disappeared in the fund without any Jhە announce the assets of the Fund or its destiny.

And suffering Iraq, since 2014, resulting from the drop in oil prices in global markets monetary crisis, high government expenditure, which it secured about $ 60 Mlیard employees and retirees salaries and numbered 5.2 million, as well as other expenses sovereign.

Economists, including economic adviser in the cabinet appearance of Mohammed Saleh made it clear that Iraq is spending on the rise, and was unable to achieve the level of export as planned, because of a stopover of the NOC and the control of the militants on sites in Kirkuk and Nineveh, what caused the balance of the decline in the Development Fund.

The Global Center for Development Studies in London, warned in 2015 of the “bankruptcy of Iraq within three years because of the budget, which now threatens the oil sector in a clear deficit”, especially since the military operations in Anbar alone cost $ 7 million a day.

Iraq exports deposited funds per month in the Development Fund, the only year in which the funds accumulated in the fund was in 2012, according to parliamentarians.

The Security Council has committed the Iraqi government the end of 2010, a plan for the funds, “the fund”, to let her in the Fed to protect the American presidential law from creditors.