Expert: U.S. dollar exchange rate is linked to reduction or closure of banking offices is approved

On: Sun 06/03/2012 13:07

Baghdad (news) .. He specializes in economic affairs Dargham Muhammad Ali, that the closure of banking offices is approved does not affect the exchange rate of the dollar.

Ali (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: that the money supply in the market are not affected by the dollar off the office or reduced because the central bank is controlled exchange rates of the dollar.

He added there is no link between the exchange offices and dollar exchange rates, Vachirfah is a profession to earn a profit and make currency trading easier, but the central bank is controlled by the dollar exchange rate at the end.

He explained: that some offices is approved to help in the smuggling of currency and money laundering, which is harmful to the economy does not benefit him, so the closure will support the market and enhance control of the Central Bank on the financial position and the flow of currency