Iraq calls for the implementation of Security Council resolutions on Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop supporting Daash

Iraq calls for the implementation of Security Council resolutions on Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop supporting Daash [Extended]

07/15/2016 18:17

Iraq calls for the implementation of Security Council resolutions on Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop supporting Daash[Oan- Baghdad]
urged Iraq to the UN Security Council the implementation of international decisions with Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop supporting and financing terrorist Daash gangs as part of the war on terror.
He said the Iraqi representative , Mohammed al – Hakim , in a speech during a session of the Security Council of the United Nations, based in New York City, was held on Friday to discuss the situation in Iraq, in the presence of representative of UNAMI , Jan Kubis, said that “Iraqi forces freed 60% of the territory formerly controlled by Daash, here condemns Iraq what promoted by some media Arab and non – Arab of propaganda sectarian and shaded by , trying to provide media support for Daash trying to portray the battle sectarian. ”
He added , ” We urge the nations of the world to implement the contents of security Council resolutions in the war on Daash, especially with regard to stop the influx of foreigners who belong to more than 100 countries and work on the drying oil and Antiquities funding across the border with Turkey to stop logistical support to trade, weapons, transportation and materials mines and explosives manufacturing. ”
He said al – Hakim” the Iraqi government stresses the need for the commitment of countries in the world, especially countries in the region to pursue and prosecute the who supports and easy to Daash and private associations that raise money for terrorists , and to invite these governments to stand with Iraq to fight terrorism and to hold accountable any point of providing support to terrorism in any way. ”
He noted that” the Iraqi Foreign Ministry submitted a request to Saudi Arabia on the inquiry of the official announcement existence of religious and social organizations working in Saudi Arabia had sent under the support of the children of Fallujah money to Daash cover , “adding that” the Iraqi government to remember here that security Council resolutions are binding on countries of the world and apply them decisively and accurate , without exception , so that the Iraqi government is looking countries in the world to do the legal and moral role in reducing the capabilities Daash cut financial tributaries and obligations to the international community and UN security Council resolutions on that side. ”
said the representative of Iraq at the UN security Council , ” We also remind members of the security Council of the need to ask Turkey to withdraw its troops that have violated the sovereignty of Iraq and to respect its territorial integrity and non – interference in internal affairs, and the UN security Council to strengthen its role the withdrawal of Turkish troops immediately , without delay, which entered deep into Iraqi territory without government approval. ”
He Hakim for” thanked Iraq for the countries of the international coalition in support of the country and responding to terrorism and its support for Iraq militarily and logistically in the framework of respect for sovereignty and coordination with the troops, and appreciates the international effort to restore stability land liberated and ease the crisis on the displaced people. ”
He pointed out that” Iraq continues to strengthen relations and cooperation with the countries of the world, especially the neighboring countries, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan and Syria , “pointing out that” the Iraqi government is committed to the implementation of the duties of the missing Kuwaitis file a witness converge in this regard and the Iraqi authorities have competent completion of drilling in 1300 trench in quintiles site did not reach any remains or evidence pointing to the existence of the remains of Kuwaitis in the site in question. ”
He added , ” will also be operations evaluate the testimonies of witnesses in Jahra and naval base of Kuwait , “stressing that” Iraq is continuing to announce in the media for certificates possible to indicate the burial sites , “noting that” the Iraqi defense Ministry has developed a plan for the second half of 2016 to Khamisah and Radwaniyah appointed dates and Salman Pak in the hunt for the missing. ”
He stressed that” Iraq expresses great gratitude to Kuwait by agreeing to postpone the payment of compensation have amounting to 4.6 billion US dollars to January 1, 2018 , “adding that” Iraq is committed also pledges to protect the residents of camp liberty [liberty] and urges States to resettle those who dwell in it. ”
He noted wise to” Iraq’s desire to extend the mandate of the UN mission [UNAMI] in the country for a year, according to a message Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari to UN Secretary General Ban Ki – moon , dated May 11, 2016 in accordance with the principles adopted at the United Nations in 2007 “.