Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-19-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-19-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions6-19-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Central Bank announces the possession of 50 billion dollars as a “reserve” as well as gold” Quote: “…the Central Bank has more than $ 50 billion in reserve as well as gold, indicating that this reserve covers imports more from internationally recognized term…” …I WONDER WHY THIS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CBI TIMING WISE IN RESPECT TO ALL OF THE ACTIONS TOWARD RAISING THE CAPITALIZATION OF BANKS IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS…TO AS HIGH AS 300% IN SOME CASES…BRAGGING ON THEIR RESERVES AND GOLD HOLDINGS STATUS AS BEING WELL ABOVE THE INT’L STANDARD…AND STATING BY JUNE 30TH…THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CAPITALIZATION OF FOREIGN BANKS IN IRAQ TO 25 MILLION DOLLARS…AND THE 2ND PHASE NEXT YEAR RAISING TO 50 MILLION DOLLARS…

6-19-2016 Newshound Guru Stryker Article: “Central Bank announces having
$50 billion as a “reserve” as well as gold” Reserves, gold and other assets will cover Iraq from June 30 when they become International recognized according to this article…

6-19-2016 Newshound Guru Mountainman Miraculously Iran’s Ropes will be LOOSED thru the Fires of GLOBAL TRANSITIONS…Right there w/IRAQ…as Planned…And 12/1’s GLOBAL AFFAIRS…Will be COMPLETE to (THEIR) Satisfaction…On Schedule, On Time, as “PLANNED”…It’s A Beautiful Event to Watch…IMO.

6-19-2016 Newshound Guru Chattels Quote: “Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said Friday evening, said the coming hours would end the rest of the remaining spots in Fallujah.” The news is very encouraging about Fallujah from several ” real ” sources.

6-18-2016 Newshound Guru mike Iraq’s M0 money supply is over 50 trillion dinars, RV’ing at 3-1 would create a M0 money supply of over what would be the equivalent of $150 trillion dollars, which is $146 trillion more than US money supply. As a note, the M0 money supply figures are reported by the CBI itself. This is a controversial topic for sure, it slams the door on the $3 dollar RV theory and challenges the $1 position as well. I mean, how can Iraq afford to do that while they’re borrowing $15 billion from the IMF? For sure, Iraq will experience some kind of “correction,” but what’s that’s going to be is anyone’s guess. Time will tell. As always, it’s just my opinion.

6-18-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie THE THINGS THE IMF IS REQUIRING TO GET DONE…LEGISLATIVELY…ARE REVISION OF 2016 BUDGET LAW…REVISION OF CBI LAW…VOTING OF PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT LAW…BUT WE NEED PARLIAMENT BACK TO WORK…YESTERDAY! [Not much left to do, just need parliament to either get through their break and meet or to call an emergency session to get this stuff DONE!] AGREED!

6-18-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling …I’ve said this many times. They can revalue it today. They reduced the note count enough so that they can revalue it today. It’s always been based on the note count. Their decision making on when they want to do it is based on the markets…on when they are going to have an advantage. So I don’t know if they are waiting for Saudi Arabia and Iran and the world market or whatever formula, whatever combination I don’t have a clue…I really don’t. I don’t know what they are looking at. You and me don’t get to see those shiny rocks. But we can go by the last 100 year’s trends and micro trends to try to figure out when countries make their moves…at what times and how they did it—against who. That’s why people listen to me because they know I can bring that stuff up.