Integrity: Abadi is not serious about prosecuting corrupt Hdroa $ 550 billion

In the parliamentary member of the Integrity: Abadi is not serious about prosecuting corrupt Hdroa $ 550 billion

06.06.2016 11:58

Integrity - Abadi is not serious about prosecuting corrupt Hdroa 550 billion[Oan- Baghdad]
charged in the Parliamentary Integrity Commission member, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, of not being serious in prosecuting corrupt Hdroa more than $ 550 billion in the past years on fake projects, corruption and theft.
Adel Nouri told all of Iraq [where] that “files that have a large and dangerous Committee affect the owners of offices and senior officials of squatters on state property, real estate and billions of dinars , or waste of money and turn it external or investments and kickbacks and bribes and decades of corrupt banks.”
He added that ” the fate of billions of dinars still unknown and is the main reason not to prosecute the absence of the final accounts at the end of the fiscal year. ”
said Nuri out that” most of the projects and fake and have no final accounts because of corruption and do not know how and where to spent Since 2007 , so far unresolved final accounts and no one can predict worth of waste and corruption, theft and we can not determine these amounts, and the rest is just speculation and speculation. ”
He added that” experts estimate the proportion of waste by more than $ 550 billion , of which $ 360 billion will have no effect and do not know where to go and although we are working day and night to be tracked but unfortunately There is no real will by the executive branch, headed by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in this regard. ”
He noted a member of the parliamentary integrity Commission to” submit a request in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks to interrogate al – Abadi, but the chairman of the parliament stood deduced and a bulwark to defend him, and this is surprising, why obstructing the regulatory arm of the Parliament which is the most important of the legislative role and , unfortunately , this is what made ​​the corrupt do not fear accountability and punishment. ”
the annual report of transparency international on corruption in the world, it has filed Iraq within the ten most corrupt countries in the world for 2015.
the decline – according to the wHO report – classification of Arab countries that suffer from internal armed conflicts such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia , which last ranked in the world.
It is said that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said on the ninth of January , that “2016 will be a year to eradicate corruption.”
he said Abadi , during a meeting on the sidelines of the Davos economic conference in Switzerland , which was held in the same month, that “there are a lot of corrupt who are trying to disrupt our efforts to reforms, but they have not succeeded so far, and I hope that they can succeed, we are fighting three wars now: one with Daash, and one with the corrupt, and the third on the economic front, and make great efforts in the fight. ”