Finance: $ 300 billion is missing from the state treasury and the central auction stolen

A member of the parliamentary finance: $ 300 billion is missing from the state treasury and the central auction stolen

2.9.2016 11:20

Finance - 300 billion is missing from the state treasury and the central auction stolen[Baghdad-where]
said in the parliamentary finance committee member, said that $ 300 billion is missing from the treasury of the State of Iraq since 2003 and these operations include theft, forgery of currency Iraqi Central Bank auction. ”
Masood Haider told all of Iraq [where] that “the Supreme Audit reports show that $ 100 billion since 2003, but until 2014 no one knows their own destiny as well as the central bank Pfs period there are 200 billion dollars, 90% of which went instruments forged.”
“There are mafias corruption financial and administrative, political, and behind it and the issue is very serious and everyone considered it. ”
among Haider said,” who participate in the auction currency the central bank believe they are benefiting from millions of dollars a day either the Iraqi state, they do not benefit from it something of currency auction. ”
the member of the Finance parliamentary” No we can be accused of a particular person, but there are companies that fiscal transfer and banking offices and banks that we consider the shops they are not Bmassarv and should be classified from the central bank must declare this category and be the central transparent in this regard. ”
He noted that” this file needs to take political and administrative decisions bold and Accounting those responsible for it, “noting that” the committee formed by the House of Representatives to follow the money smuggled large and difficult tasks and you need class basis to seriously by the government and the judiciary as well as the political decision and if these factors are available, they will succeed their work. ”
The House of Representatives, shaped during its meeting last Saturday, a parliamentary committee to see money diverted from Iraq, while the legal Committee – said one of the author commissions to prosecute Iraqi funds smuggled – it would issue a decision obliging the government to investigate the accounts and balances that hover around the doubts and suspicions.
and raised suspicions of corruption, fraud and money laundering through the central bank auction as announced, court misdemeanors specialized issues of fairness and economic crime and money laundering, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and the north after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, banner earlier in the presence of 20 defendants in this some issues largely chairman. ” It ended 2