Parliamentary Energy: enactment of the oil and gas law needs to be agreed upon

Parliamentary Energy: enactment of the oil and gas law needs to be agreed upon by the law of Baghdad and Erbil provinces and oil

2016/2/1 10:33

Parliamentary Energy - enactment of the oil and gas law needs to be agreed upon{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Erez Abdullah ruled out legislation oil and gas law, which has been postponed for several sessions unless the agreement on the bill between Baghdad and Erbil and oil-producing provinces.
He said Abdullah told {Euphrates News} “The enactment of the oil and gas law is subject to the Federal Government in agreement with the Kurdistan region is supposed to parties agree on the draft approved by the House of Representatives,” noting that “without prior agreement can not enact the law for the time being.” .
Abdullah and expressed his wishes to reach delegation province, who visited Baghdad to resolve the outstanding problems, adding that “the government sent in 2007 a ​​project for oil and gas law has not been voted on and then another project in 2011 was not initiated has also been retained or invoiced to the government to re-examine Law projects.
“He said” there is a special committee to review all draft laws pending in the Council of Ministers, and there is no bill to the parliament must “stressing” it is necessary to send a new draft law by the government and there is agreement fully and coordination between Baghdad and Erbil and oil-producing provinces about the project, if there was an intention to enact the law by the government in the agreement with the third-party to be approved.
“The three presidencies and political leaders and leaders of the blocs meeting may last Thursday agreed to pay double attention to the achievement of the basic legislation to the process of completing the building of state institutions and ensuring resolve outstanding problems including a draft oil and gas law, and the law of the Federal Court, and the law of the Federation Council, and the law of the distribution of imports and control, and the law of the National Guard and other laws. The oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, had confirmed during deliberative meeting with oil-producing provinces that “the failure to approve oil and gas law led to big problems and not with the Kurdistan only, but with the other to the absence of legal cover, which is mainly based upon the provinces and with the absence of this law, we are obliged to hold every year agreement with the province on the general budget. “A delegation from the Kurdistan region is headed by the Prime Minister of the region Nechirvan Barzani, It has a deputy in the cabinet Qubad Talabani, the head of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, the head of foreign relations in the region Falah Mustafa, arrived yesterday to Baghdad and met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the President Fuad Masum, to discuss the outstanding issues, what description Nechirvan Barzani talks with the government as positive . It ended 1