Secret documents reveal Obama’s involvement in the establishment of Daash

Secret documents reveal Obama’s involvement in the establishment of Daash

Date: 01/27/2016 18:02

Secret documents reveal Obamas involvement in the establishment of DaashInformation / follow-up / ..

Revealed documents were classified “secret” by the US intelligence services, about the involvement of the Obama administration and its allies in the emergence of gangs in the Middle Daash Syria in 2012.

The Web site reported, “AWD NEWS” seen by the news agency / information /, “The release of the documents was made after a federal lawsuit, allowed the government to publish a regulatory body to 100 sheets of confidential documents.”

The Web site said that “documents not only prove that the device the (CIA), the US and its allies in the region worked on the establishment of a parallel force to the Assad regime in eastern Syria, but also have trained elements of the organization in the CIA camps in Jordan in 2012″.

He continued that “in one of the documents issued by the Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the US Department of Defense, announced the agency explicitly for Obama and its partners in the Middle East sought to isolate Assad and thus to drop it through the power of Daash”.

The site adds that “the content of the documents had been sent to all security and military organs of the United States.”

He pointed out that “the damage caused by the civil war in Syria, may extend to the fragile regime in Iraq, only documents, US intelligence analysts predicted the return of al-Qaeda to the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Kalrmada”.

He pointed out that “the report (DIA) predicted supporters swore allegiance to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula successor organization of the State led, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,”.

“The documents reveal that the United States and the European Union, and their allies in the Middle East consider the organization of the State assistant strategist for regime change in Syria, and this is what explains the chaos of Iraq bordering cities of Syria which is easy to move the organization to the Syrian territory in the month of June 2014″.

The Web site said that “the documents contain the first official proof aware of Obama’s pre-management operations shipment of weapons from the Libyan city of Benghazi to Islamic groups in Syria, including the organization of the State and the Al-Nusra Front, was quoted by the arms in late August 2012, from the port of Benghazi to the port of Banyas Island and Tower Islam in Syria after the incident of the attack on the US embassy in Libya week, which claimed the lives of four diplomats of America, including the ambassador, and include weapons, which were taken over from the former Libyan army stores, to sniper rifles and RPG in addition to the howitzer missiles “. It ended 25 K