Guardian: Obama re-cast himself as the leader of the war and the Americans are expecting an attack

Guardian: Obama re-cast himself as the leader of the war and the Americans are expecting an attack on their country

Tuesday 15 December 2015 | 19:06

Guardian - Obama re-cast himself as the leader of the war and the Americans are expecting an attackBAGHDAD / translation .. always taking on the current US President “Barack Obama” by elite US politicians what was said about the way that the weakness in making decisions crucial belong to the country’s security, while defended him always his supporters, being of trying to keep the stick from the middle, and that Do not be a war president Ksalvh, which has changed since the Monday morning after the last speech of Obama.

Where newspaper “Guardian” report, talking about the new image that afternoon by US President, and the fact that the possibility that it may be an attempt to re-create different to taken by the image, the newspaper reported a description of his appearance tight where the parking coterie of the most famous US military commanders in Alaptnagon to For his part, he exercises the role of guiding him threatening message to the leaders of the terrorist organization Daash content says, “came your turn.”

According to the content of the newspaper report, it considered that what he had done, Obama is an attempt to silence his critics who see in his policy a severe shortage of hostile necessary to save the site of the United States, at a time when the next US election date is approaching at a time when the US administration did not experience confusion Kalhasal now.

Recalls that the speech made by Obama during a press conference which was accompanied by the Deputy “Joe Biden,” Minister of Defense “Ashton Carter” and the three top leaders of the Pentagon, during which announced the final confirmation of the death of one-month Daash leaders of British assets, known as “Johnny jihad “, describing the members of the terrorist organization as” murderers, criminals and rapists “, while stressing also he said,” we Snasr horror in the heart of Daash, to the extent that it prevents him from publishing to terrorize the rest of the world. ”

Obama also noted, that the current US strategy is successful in ousting the organization, and perhaps Alammeralouhad obstacle now as he put it, is that the organization had barricaded themselves in civilian areas and hiding behind civilians, as it comes his speech before the start of a week of talks planned trip Obama offers a detailed explanation of the current strategy against the terrorist organization in the anti-US terrorism research center, at a time when opinion polls show carried out by the agency “Associated Press” that seven out of every ten Americans expect to get a terrorist attack on the United States during the coming period, similar to so that took place in Paris, where the response to that question at the White House spokesman, “Joe Ernst,” stressing that the US President’s speech and Tbagesh in the center will not be considered to public opinion polls.

It should be noted also that Obama’s speech has received feedback is very opposition from his critics, where the head of the majority in the US Congress, “Joe McCarthy,” commented, “The general Americans are smart, and are able to distinguish between what is working and what is not valid, it is now clear that the strategy the current President is not effective “, at a time when Obama insisted on the collapse of the terrorist organization in front of his strategy, which he said in his speech that it forced the organization to move towards a defensive approach and his liver loss of 40% of the populated areas.

It is worth mentioning, the member of the Middle East Security Research Center at the Atlantic Council, told the newspaper, saying “we are not going to see the president’s speech not for the approaching holiday New Year, the fact that its content did not provide any change, four corners of the strategy is still the same, he must see that his speech does not nothing more than a political speech does not plausible real change it, especially since it would destroy his opponents may “, at a time when the newspaper reported many other quotes to Nviaden specialists Raaa in Obama’s speech in addition to political strategy is Najehh.anthy 5