Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-13-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-13-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions12-13-2015 Intel Guru Frank26 […if the sharks and whales are waiting for the 1:1 to begin buying into the dinar then who is/are buying it up now at the lesser rate?] THE BANKS AROUND THE WORLD…They are NOW being seeded with the IQD because the next phase is…..INTERNATIONAL!

12-13-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite [could they give the citizens more purchasing power without going international immediately?] The only way you or I or an Iraqi citizen can receive more purchasing power is for the costs of goods to decrease…go down in price…because Iraq imports 90% of their goods, an increase in the international value…will bring those prices down. However, the IMF must give it’s “Good House Keeping Seal of Approval” which is Article 8 first. Without it the worlds financial institutions would probable avoid it. There are many changes happening now monetarily in Iraq but IMO, as soon as the IMF offers the CBI Article 8, the CBI will make the jump and with it we will start to see the true value of the IQD appear outside of Iraq.

12-13-2015 Newshound Guru firefly Article quote: “Governor Ali al-allaq said in March that the new Bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window for sell by auction, noting that new mechanisms developed to sell the currency, particularly the functional currency of the foreign trade.” the discontinuation of the daily currency auctions…Must happen. The only thing I’m looking at is the Auctions…PERIOD, END OF STORY. Nothing else matters…The auctions are for buying the USD. They have to get the USD off the streets! No way around it. When it is completely halted…then IMO we should be expecting the LDs to hit the streets as well. I’m pretty pumped to tell u the truth.

12-12-2015 Newshound Guru BGG 30 days ago the “market rate” was 1225…it’s 1212 now…they have “magically” brought the Market Rate down to 1212…they also brought the “sell rate” within the 2% IMF compliance…they are now SELLING the Dinar at 1182 per Dollar…the CBI “magically” decided to go from 1166 to 1182 – any ideas as to why? the IMF takes over – they start following a plan. There is obviously a new plan…NO ONE SAW THAT COMING. of all the scenarios anyone could have dreamed up – who would think they would sell Dinar for less? Guess what – it makes things work…

12-12-2015 Newshound Guru Chattels Article quote: “completion of discussions over the next five days”? [so maybe the budget being put off until next month may not be true?] Maybe, but discussions, even if timely and completed, may not result in a vote…? We have yet to hear from the Kurds about the budget. …even if the budget is passed then what significance has it for our event? Just observing the ink content without much expectation of anything from/on the budget relevant to our event.

12-12-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: “…said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, that the time has come to activate the economic, agricultural and tourism sectors, stressing that the government is determined to activate the role of private banks.” The way I see it, Abadi is telling everyone at this event that they need to expedite the process, pass the laws, etc…that there is no more time to screw around. Which is very good news. The other side to this is its all been said before with little results. I don’t believe its possible to activate anything without doing something with the currency…so we wait and we see.