Obama “is accused of” breaking the law by swapping Taliban prisoners

Obama “is accused of” breaking the law by swapping Taliban prisoners

11/12/2015 08:24

Obama is accused of breaking the law by swapping Taliban prisonersBAGHDAD / Obelisk: Republican lawmakers accused US President Barack Obama, Thursday, swap the order of five prisoners at Guantanamo detention center, the US soldier accused of escaping from the army, Boy Bergdal, in the framework of his plan to close the prison.

The Commission issued a Republican majority House Armed Services Committee report found that the Obama administration “broke the law clearly” not to inform Congress to transfer prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, before it occurs.

According to a report published by the “Sky News”, he said Republican User, Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the Committee said in a statement that the administration misled Congress about the status of negotiations before the transfer of detainees.

“The recklessness of those terrorists put in place in such proximity to the battlefield to fulfill the promise of an election, it is unacceptable to mislead Congress during that process.”

He defended the White House spokesman, Josh Ernest, what is done by the US administration, he said that Obama “strongly believes” that the United States should make any effort to restore anyone wearing a US military uniform.

Ernst said in a press statement: “There had been a unique opportunity to restore Sergeant Bergdal unscathed and is exactly what happened.”

The Bergdal has disappeared in June 30, 2009 from a US military outpost in Afghanistan, the Taliban and his family, where he was subjected to years of abuse and torture. He was released in 2014 in a swap for families included the release of five Taliban prisoners were being held in Guantanamo and send them to Qatar.