Christianity is in danger of extinction in Iraq in five years

Christianity is in danger of extinction in Iraq in five years

October 15 .2015 – 14:33

Christianity is in danger of extinction in Iraq in five yearsSumer News: Follow-up

“Newsweek” magazine said on Thursday that a new British report warns that Christianity is in danger of extinction in Iraq within five years.

The magazine pointed out that the report, which tracks the persecution of Christian groups around the world, and prepared by the “assistance required of the Church” Association, a British charity organization, has been submitted to the House of Lords Tuesday.

According to the newspaper “Catholic Herald”, the British Prime Minister David Cameron endorsed the report and expressed regret for the fact “that Christians face discrimination and are systematically exploited and even expel them from their homes,” every day in some countries.

Newsweek pointed out that the report highlights the plight of Christians in Iraq, where political instability in the country since the 2003 war and persecution Daash to reducing their number to 260 thousand after only 1.4 million people were under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The report is likely that the exodus of Christians in Iraq is happening for fear of ethnic cleansing and the prospect of genocide, warns that Christianity is on its way to the disappearance of Iraq within five years, unless the provision of emergency assistance across the room at the international level.

The Daash has dominated in June last year, the second largest Iraqi cities of Mosul and was told the city that the Christian convert to Islam or pay jizya, or be subjected to death, the report pointed out.

Thousands of them fled to Nineveh in northern Iraq, but the Daash took over the region in August last year and employee 125 thousand Christians on the resolution.

Newsweek quoted Aziz Alzerba Emanuel, a professor at the University of Salahuddin in Irbil, a Christian Catholic, saying that the persecution Daash is not the only reason why Christians are leaving the country.

He added that Christians have no future in Iraq and do not have security. In light of the economic situation and the lack of salaries or jobs or educational opportunities, citizens are not waiting for something, so they decide to leave Iraq.