Keywords: government unable to pay the salaries of state employees

Keywords: government unable to pay the salaries of state employees

08/10/2015 11:30 GMT

Keywords - government unable to pay the salaries of state employeesThe governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that Iraq is facing great financial difficulties after the sharp decline of oil prices the world.
Keywords and he said in a press interview that despite the decline in oil prices, but the digital existing indicators for this moment the government does not come to its inability to pay the salaries of state employees.

He noted that the financial crisis which passes Iraq must be a great lesson for a review of fiscal policy in the first place, and the nature of government spending, tax policy, pointing out that marred much of the imbalance in the structure and organization, calling for real reforms in the financial and tax system structure, and structure the economy in general.

He pointed out that spending in past years did not hurt to expand the productive base of the country, and the development of economic activities in order to achieve Iraq’s resources on the one hand and also run unemployment is widely widening the productive base.

He added that the government spending in the previous period of his wisdom and political factors rather than economic factors, indicating that discussions about adding allocations and expenditures are always going on in the framework of political gain.

He said natural in all countries of the world that when financial crises State resort to other sources to cover a temporary shortfall in their budgets until survive the crisis, pointing out that Iraq has a chance in that low-resource today may rise in the coming period.