Finance: employees’ salaries and a loan secured five trillion is not enough to move the economy

A member of the parliamentary Finance: employees’ salaries and a loan secured five trillion is not enough to move the economy

2015/9/16 9:05

Finance - employees salaries and a loan secured five trillion is not enough to move the economy[Baghdad – where]
stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, said that the employees’ salaries for the remaining months of the current year is available.
He said Haider told all of Iraq [where], there was “no indication that the staff danger of salaries, the state will be covered by insurance payroll, and we emphasized it again and again,” stressing that “salaries for the coming months is available.”
He added that “the executive bodies in the government need to restructuring, and are restructuring the institutions the government should gradually begin to activate the private sector, otherwise they will rotate in a vicious circle does not do anything positive impact on the lives of the citizen.
“With regard to investment and activation attract Haider that said” laws that proceed need to apply the experience in Iraq shows Many of the laws are not being implemented as it is by the government, either because of a lack of means of implementation or are set aside for political reasons or that the government does not have a court and a real plan for the implementation of the laws.
“He pointed out that” the investment environment in Iraq, especially in the southern provinces need to activate the banking sector and make it efficient, for example, give a loan of about five trillion allocated to small and medium enterprises a good action by the central bank.
“He continued Haider,” We in the Finance Committee, we will continue to give loans process, there are conditions for the central bank put in place to give the loans and the mechanism of administration allocated to the agricultural sector and industrial and housing sector and that’s good conduct and will contribute to move little by little the economy, and this amount is not enough, Iraq needs to pump larger amounts and invest in infrastructure projects large.
“The Committee on the economy and investment representative, confirmed on the first of September of this, the employees’ salaries for the remaining months insurance of the year in 2015, warning of the problem of securing employees ‘salaries for the next 2016, if not to increase non-oil revenues.
The commission said member Najiba Najib, for [where], “according to my expectation this year until the end of 2015, there is no fear on the employees’ salaries the state, “afterthought” If you continue in this way lower oil prices in 2016, and did not note any height, and if the concerned authorities in the state and specifically the government of exploiting the resources that we have not been able, as we have a good reserve, but so far there is no collection of water and electricity, tax system is still not enabled well, if the state was able to get revenue from these doors are going to exceed the crisis.
“It showed that” current oil price with current capabilities will help the state to provide the salaries, and there is no problem for the payment of salaries in these months.
“It is that, the Central Bank launched in the eighth of last August, a loan of five trillion dinars for banks [industrial, agricultural, real estate, later announced the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the seventh of September of this, lending mechanism in the industrial, agricultural, real estate and housing area, which will be awarded in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Bank and other banks.
He said in a statement received by [where], that these loans are divided into “small projects and lend money to reduce the highest [500] million dinars, medium-sized projects and lend money to reduce the top three billion dinars, large agricultural and industrial projects and lend to in excess of three billion dinars, provided it does not exceed the upper limit Ashran billion dinars.
“The religious authority, called last Friday, in the words of its representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, to put strict measures in the follow-up to the five loan disbursement trillion dinars, and do not allow for capital Corruption of Astglalh.anthy