5/21/2012 Delta If they no confidence Maliki then the replacement has to come from the National Coalition. This is the same group that Maliki controls. There is no one in that group that can replace him. If Maliki was such a bad guy the US would take him out. Maliki was put in there to hold the fort down until all was implemented and ready. Maliki is getting more popular with the people. He would win the next election. If Maliki was the problem, the PTB AKA the authors of the plan would take him out. Talibani is pushing hard to get the National Meeting and I doubt there will be a no confidence.

5/21/2012 Duckyboy We have to watch for the seated government and Erbil. I also believe that they are trying to get this done ASAP because of the tariffs starting. Some…believe that the tariffs have been pushed to July 1, but I have never read that anywhere. I have read the July 1 date and few weeks ago, but there has been no mention of any delay, so I will stick with what the law stated when it first was put in the books, June 1.

5/22/2012 SWFloridaGuy Anyone who tells you this has nothing to do with Iraq, does not understand the basics of macroeconomics. Shabibi said it best, “when making a decision concerning the revaluation they must consider controlling inflation and political stability.” They have a plan, they’ve had one for some time and it’s in everyone’s best interest to get this done now.

5/22/2012 Doc From recent articles we know that it is not a LOP (LOPs reduce money supply). We know the new currency will hit the streets by January 2013. We know the rate will be around $1. And the even better news is that the old currency will coexist with the new for over a year. We did see statements where the CoM said they would delay the project “indefinitely”. However, we believe this was a request to delay and Shabibi complied by moving it to January 2013. Remember the original timeline was in the June to September frame. This also tells us all the “intel” for $3+ is bogus. Also $3+ was not built into the published budget. We continue to view mid June trough September as very promising and at a rate of around $1. This recent information simply strengthens our opinion. We report, you decide.

5/22/2012 Randy Koonce Follow what the leaders are saying not what the opinions are that they report. Just like you should follow what Shabibi says rather than an opinion piece. I’ve had 500 emails saying Maliki is out. If Maliki is out, THAT’S GOING TO BE MAJOR NEWS. So, you won’t have to ask about that. The no confidence vote will be in the public eye. Do I think they will have it, no. Do I think they are using it, yes. It is the proverbial gun to the head. If they go ahead with a no-confidence they will call an emergency meeting and submit the paperwork. After 3 days transpire they would take a vote and at that point he’s either gone or stays. No question about it and I doubt they will go to that unless they are certain they have the votes. I think they have Maliki’s toes pinned to the ground to get this done. We’re looking for an announcement from Maliki by Wednesday at the latest. The National Meeting will turn into a press conference where they announce strategic council and ministers. Soon as we get the strategic council that’s it, we’re done. That’s all we’ve ever been waiting on. Follow events, not dates. Dates will kill ya. The events guarantee Shabibi to be able to do what he needs to do to release the currency. The removal of the zeros is only about the removal from the street, not the rate.

5/22/2012 Poppy3 we still have a few days to wait I think because of the tariff pending, they are trying their best to complete everything by the first week of June if at all possible…they have been working long days and having meeting even after midnight sometimes and our banks have zero to do with any rv anywhere.

5/22/2012 BGG “The movement toward the President of the Republic for the purpose of a formal demand from the parliament to withdraw confidence from Maliki.” This is also fantastic news!! This looks like they are headed towards a Parliament solution, and quick!! Once they are talking about it being legal and how many votes they have, it’s not far off. My guess is the decision to find Maliki’s replacement was already made weeks ago.

5/22/2012 SWFloridaGuy DON’T CALL THE BANKS, DON’T CALL THE BANKS!!! Give me a break. First of all, the only people calling the banks are the ones telling you not to call the banks. The rest of us have all figured out there’s no reason to call the banks in the first place, as THERE IS NO RV YET. I think it would be almost comical for Shabibi to hear that a few small chat rooms in the U.S. believe they have affected the release of his country’s currency, thereby affecting the entire global financial market, by picking up a phone and calling a local Wells Fargo branch. This is not how currency manipulation works and we play no part in this. Call your Mother and apologize for not sending a Mother’s day card, call Outback and order some take out, call whoever you want, but just like your Mom can’t tell you when we will RV, neither can the banks. Hopefully, soon the banks will be calling us. Go RV!!

5/22/2012 Delta Kuwait is totally cooperative to get things done on Chapter 7. The Euro deal signed last week is big move for Iraq to move forward globally. The article about the 62 Billion says “the return of the dinar to world trading.” This is really huge, this was from Shabibi. The CBI is using new words when speaking now. Big time clues coming out.


5/22/2012 Poppy3 sdar wouldn’t even let maliki’s crew in the door to discuss anything…he and the fab five haven’t and won’t listen to him any more, he blew his chances on the 13th of this month when he didn’t implement one of the nine. Case over.