Official in the Democratic Kurdistan: We want a divorce amicably from Baghdad

Official in the Democratic Kurdistan: We want a divorce amicably from Baghdad

[17:07] 15 / Jul / 10

Official in the Democratic Kurdistan - We want a divorce amicably from BaghdadErbil, July 10 (PNA) – dominated Hawrami, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, in Washington, the day before yesterday, said that «Kurdistan’s independence is an ongoing process, though Erbil is seeking (amicable divorce) from Baghdad, and that this process will contribute to the stability of the region. »

He pointed out that he will be «the Iraqi people a referendum on independence for the Kurdish region very soon, perhaps in less than two years.»

Hawrami said during a lecture at the Institute of the Middle East in the US capital: «It would be the right of all citizens of the Kurdistan region referendum on the issue of independence». He said: «I’ll talk to Baghdad for a peaceful secession, as we are going to talk with non Baghdad on this issue», stressing that «Baghdad is important to us, we want to do it in a friendly way. We want to add to the stability of the region and Kurdistan are the anchor of stability. »

On the participation of the Kurds in the current Iraqi government, Hawrami said, that «there is representation, but do not share in power in Baghdad, for example, the Shiites exclusive control of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense with the marginalization of the Sunni and Kurdish presence». He added: «Unfortunately, the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has not fulfilled its promises and agreements with us and the Sunni Arabs», referring to the budget and export of oil, which violated by Baghdad problems. He stressed that «the United States is an indispensable ally for us, and we will not do anything without consulting with Washington».

For his part, he said the struggle of Mahmoud, media advisor in the office of Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani, told the «Middle East», that «the region continued efforts in order to conduct this referendum. President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani asked the Parliament of the region to go to the establishment of the Electoral Commission for elections and referendum in the Territory by, the body responsible for the conduct of any election or referendum in the region, and this happened exactly in parliament, where the Electoral Commission Act legislation in the region, It was formed. I believe that the Commission will go initially to hold a referendum in the disputed areas also announced that on more than one occasion, as announced by the Ministry of Alپیhmrگh, 95 per cent of these areas liberated Alپیhmrگh of Daash forces, and only a very small portion is left of them will be freed Soon, certainly a referendum the people of these areas over the subordination of their areas of the province will take place as President Massoud Barzani said, and the other of the referendum and the issue of the right of self-determination will be issued certainly of Parliament, and will go by the region’s parliament to declare the referendum or the request of the UN High Commissioner to conduct a referendum on self-determination ».

He Mahmoud: «Currently the political class in the territory occupied by the issue of presidency of the region, where will end the mandate of the president of the province on August 19 (August next), the resolution of this legal dilemma, either through national consensus, which is agreed between all the political parties for the continuation of President Barzani, president of the region, or go to a general election may be delayed for six months as the Independent Electoral Commission announced in the region. »

Farhan essence, the deputy in the Parliament of the region, «We are now fighting a war against al-Daash, and we have a range of issues that need to be resolved, including issues concerning relations with Baghdad, so the referendum, which is to talk about now is not for now, but in the future if exposure Iraq and coexistence it is now to fail in the future, then it is possible that the Kurdish people go to a referendum for self-determination ».

In turn, sees the Kurdish political expert Abdul Ghani Ali Yahya, the Kurdish people always ready to participate in a referendum to determine their destiny, which is so excited. He added: «no doubt that the Kurdish people always ready to vote for Kurdistan’s independence from Iraq in the event of a referendum in this regard, Vharat federal and Confederate disappeared over days with only a referendum on independence for the region, and the parties Kurdish all regardless of their differences, in favor of independence for the region, and this what we saw a few days ago when the region independently decided to sell its oil from Baghdad, had supported this decision all Kurdish parties. »

For his part, said the citizen Kurdish, Iara Hamid, told «Middle East», that «the subject of independence from Iraq is currently the most important topics of interest to the citizen in Kurdistan, we have experienced what we suffered from the scourge by successive Iraqi regimes during the previous covenants, and we can not afford to stay in the framework of a country does not want us, State of Kurdistan will be quiet state and a symbol of peace and peaceful coexistence in the region, and this is what is happening now, all live here in peace ».