Britain is preparing to send five thousand troops to Iraq

Britain is preparing to send five thousand troops to Iraq


Britain is preparing to send five thousand troops to IraqBAGHDAD / .. Aletilikrav newspaper of London reported Albertani close to the Prime Minister “David Cameron” sources for serious planning to send British soldiers on the ground in Iraq to start the process of expansion to train Iraqi soldiers and advise them.

The newspaper said in its report, which translates as “eye Iraq News” ,, that the army commanders and military advisers to Cameron has appeared in advance preparation and planning to send soldiers.

The newspaper added that British troops will be stationed in the US camps inside Iraq because they do not have their own camps since the complete withdrawal from Basra four years ago, where the exercise of these forces training Iraqi forces to fight bombs and containers that are placed on the sides of roads tasks being what cause the biggest harm to troops Iraqi as well as training and advice in Tkikat infantry battles administration.

The newspaper also on the lips of one of the sources responsible, who did not give his name, “that there is a definite plan to expand our role in Iraq, we are all the conditions did not participate in earnest only in the north of Iraq and the Kurds in particular, with the Daash moving now toward the south, and we think that we can stop them supplying Iraqi forces have sufficient capacity to repel. ”

“The goal of these forces may expand after to include military operations effective against targets in place ranking as wanted by the British government, led by” Mohammed Azmaoa “known as” Johnny jihadist “student Londoner former and in charge of cutting the Western hostages capital in criminal Videos published by Daash.

It is worth mentioning that the British national security component of military commanders and intelligence ministers administration Bartanih Council had rejected earlier in the project to send a force to Iraq in time of need, but it has yet to go Cameron said in more than one place that the situation in Iraq threatens the security and national Albertani.

It is noteworthy also that the army commander Albertani former Lord “Dannatt” has announced that air strikes carried out by the British forces is not sufficient to undermine the Daash and that the task requires approximately five thousands troops Brtani on Alard.anthy 5.