Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-27-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-27-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions5-27-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru Top Shelf QUESTION – How much is a 25,000 dinar note worth right now at today’s exchange rate? ANSWER – around $23.00 USD. QUESTION – So two 25,000 notes equal…50,000 dinars…which would obviously be around $46.00 USD. …if they remove all of the 3 zero notes…if they came out with a new 50 dinar note…the old two 25k notes… would be equal to a 50,000 dinar note…would only be worth $46. So a new 50 dinar note…would be equal to a 50,000 dinar note…under the new structure. I’m not taking into consideration at all…any of the additional liquidity behind the dinar. This is what the CBI is saying with numbers. Numbers translate the same…no matter who (or what) it is. It’s a universal language…a language of numbers. A 50 dinar note…up and coming…is technically the same thing as a 50,000 note today – once you remove the 3 zeros.

5-27-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru Top Shelf I’m bouncing off the walls right now, waiting for what is coming. There is great expectation…I know it’s not over until it’s over but there is just too much LIQUIDITY there and the timing of debt servicing…you can’t mess around with that…you could lose it all if people figure it out…before it happens. The auctions are there…they never went away. No one can find it…but the numbers don’t lie…they are there. The assets over the last 2 years…10 to 30% a month…120%…240 times the assets and they’re paying off debt? The assets…it’s six times higher than it’s ever been and that’s even after paying things off. They still don’t have all of the assets accounted for but they don’t need it. Why? They’ve got it all! The GOI has money to spend comin’ out of the gate! There is not a single thing that is not done. …its ready to go!

5-27-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Completion of the final version of the law of parties” Quote: “The head of the House of Representatives on Monday Saleem al-Jubouri, said that the 22 bill reached the stage of voting in parliament, noting that the National Guard and the Federal Court Rules and laws of the leading parties, which came to a vote.” It sounds like they are saying 22 bills are ready for final vote.

5-27-2015 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “…the Presidency of the Council of Representatives is determined to pass more than 20 laws, said during the next three days, the most important of the National Guard and the Federal Court and the parties.” THEY PLAN 20 OR MORE LAWS TO BE PASSED IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. [Does that include HCL?] THEY HAVE INCLUDED IT IN REPORTS…I SAY YES BY WHAT I HAVE SEEN.

5-27-2015 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [During Ramadan, does the Iraqi parliament meet at all or is it in recess until the end of Ramadan? If it is in session can they pass any legislation on things like the HCL? And is it legal for the Bank of Iraq to RV during Ramadan?] I’ve always said in the past that nothing major happens during Ramadan and I don’t have much reason right now to think that will change, BUT we have a couple of pending things. 1. The US is now moving in favor of adding more support to Iraq with the motive of defeating ISIS. 2. We’re still on the verge of major HCL movement. If we get immediate movement on those two things, or a couple of other key items, then we might see pressure on Parliament to break tradition and actually sing some high notes during Ramadan. The timing of everything is key right now. So to answer the rest of your question, YES it is possible to see major activity from Parliament, even during Ramadan. I always said it wasn’t likely in the past, but this year could be different, depending on how things go over the next couple weeks.

5-27-2015 Intel Guru Frank26 [via FrostyTheSnowman] …the VND Dong…don’t be in disappointed when you see the banking systems have been degraded – last year and this year. That is not a bad thing. Vietnam has amazing control over their inflation. They are expanding and growing the way they are. Degrading is how they control core inflation rates. They joined the trade pack so the currency now has to go through some “hoops” and you will see the Dong is going through what the IDQ went through about a year and a half ago.

5-26-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite [So they want to Increase their money supply or no?] It is a fine line…they need the notes in order to buy/sell…However, the fewer notes country wide the more value there is. Folks, all this talk in Iraq about the currency/notes is really not about what we want. It is needed in a sense because they will need the correct mix of notes in order to participate within the economy. However, when they speak about value with smaller notes, then that is dependent upon the value of the IQD outside of Iraq …keep in mind when you hear “increased purchasing” power that only happens for the Iraqi when the costs of goods decrease, i.e. the prices on the shelves go down. This will happen when the currency that is buying those goods increases in value. the reason this is such a requirement is because 90+% of all goods in Iraq are purchased outside and imported.

5-26-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite Folks, for the last 9 months the dollars that you own have actually increased in value over 25%. However, the notes I have still had the same numbers on them. My checking account did not increase either. In other words, the USD became stronger but we didn’t notice it inside of the USA. However, had you flown to any other country and exchanged the USD for that country’s currency you would have received much more that a year ago. So, when the value of the IQD increases it will be noticeable over many months in the jobs and stores inside Iraq. The big change will not be of benefit to the Iraqi unless he travels outside of Iraq and exchanges the IQD. [Are you expecting this to start out at 86 cents?] JIMO…the like value of $43.00 is just an example it will take much more than $0.86 to get those prices down to make it seems as $43.00. In other words, much greater than $1.00.

5-26-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG With the recent news, I am so thankful I have all my affairs in order because there is no telling what is going to happen. Article: “Central Bank of Iraq To Issue Large Value banknotes” This is really the biggest news of the day. In context it says “large value banknotes”…it is plain what thought they are trying to transmit to the average Iraqi…they are implying there will be higher or more value to their currency. I don’t think we will have long to find out.

5-26-2015 Intel Guru Delta Just a quick update about the CBI. I’m excited…it looks like we are ready to finish the final chapter. We have some confirmation about the article came out about the 50 dinar…the 1,000 dinar…the 100,000 dinars … basically the confirmation from the CBI…they stated that the CBI is planning to increase the value of the Iraqi Dinar BEFORE they introduce those denominations. Lots of things starting to line up. Looks like we might see the rate change before Ramadan. We believe that everything is done…just waiting for the right timing between the GOI and the CBI. IMO…this is the right timing…before Ramadan.

5-26-2015 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 [we are still in a goodplace w/this investment IYO?] ABSOLUTELY! WHY WOULD ALL THE ARTICLES BE DEMANDING REMOVE THE ZEROS…FROM PARLIAMENT…IF SECURITY WAS AN ISSUE? WHY?

5-26-2015 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “…announced the approval of the establishment of each of the Rafidain and Rasheed deposit part of their money with private investment of the funds of private banks in investment projects…” REMEMBER THAT RAFIDAIN BANK HAS ANNOUNCED THEY ARE OPENING INTERNATIONAL BRANCHES. SO THE FUTURE PLANS ARE HERE — WHOOPOW — MOVING FORWARD WITH PROGRESS THEY PLANNED ON… IRAQ SEEMS TO BE GOING FORWARD AS PLANNED…

5-26-2015 Intel Guru Frank26 IMF said you have to do 2 things – raise the rate and pass those border taxes. Guess what? The CBI/GOI today ANNOUNCED they have 20 laws about to be released and it’s the tariff laws! All of this to get security. Do you see that MasterCard wanted to come into Iraq…still needs an international rate but they still issued the cards to the retirees living outside of Iraq. Position and posturing. Last year is the first time we didn’t see the GOI go on vacation in the summer. They are there working. It is permissible to work during Ramadan – it’s just rare.