Security concerns of the risk of Daash extends to the United States

Security concerns of the risk of Daash extends to the United States


Security concerns of the risk of Daash extends to the United StatesWestern security concerns ranging from Daash risk to the United States in the wake of the latest attack in the state of Texas adopted by this organization is once again highlighted the continuing concerns of the potential for a significant terrorist attacks like the September attacks carried out by al-Qaida in 2001.

In attempts to exploit Daash statement in which it claimed responsibility for the attack outside the exhibition of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Texas, sought Republicans Iromon run in US presidential elections towards achieving political gains, describing the attack as an example of the danger that they say that the organization posed to national security.

Report of the Reuters news agency quoted the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker as saying in a meeting on Saturday (May 9) politicians who have declared that they will run in the race or are considering it, “It is not that was another attempt will be made on American soil, but when. I want a leader to be ready the battle to them to move before Angulwha us “, as he put it.

The police killed two men on Sunday after they opened fire from automatic rifles on the exhibition of drawings on the prophet of Islam in a suburb of Dallas, Texas . Daash organization announced responsibility for the attack, but did not provide any evidence. The US officials said they are skeptical that have a direct role in organizing the operation .

And attended by a number of Republican politicians who hope to win the Republican nomination in the presidential election next year to the city of Greenville in South Carolina to address conservative voters in this state that will be among the first States experiencing partisan primary elections. And all of them pointed to the attack, which occurred in Texas in his remarks .

The report said that the response to regulate Daash a Republican challenge and mystery at the same time. How can politicians make tough statements about the attack extremists without the intimidation of voters who fear that slip their country to another for a long war in the Middle East . Reuters said that like many of the speakers at that meeting election, Republican Governor Walker did not go into his style of fighting Daash details and how it will differ significantly from Democratic President Barack Obama, who has sought to slow down the militants organization by providing support to Iraqi forces on the ground and support the air campaign waged by Washington and its allies in the region style. He ruled out the use of American troops in large numbers .

Reuters also noted that recent polls have shown that national security and the fear of terrorism highlight the major issue in the election race in a different way than was the case in 2008 and 2012 elections which were won by Democrats. In view of the statements of Republican leaders participated in a meeting on Saturday, he quoted the governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal said in reference to the possible deployment of US ground forces in Iraq and Syria that “the idea of excluding the use of silly ground forces. No one says we’ll send ground forces today . ” With He hinted Rick Santorum former senator from Pennsylvania to fatigue in the Obama administration strategy of the organization in the fight against Daash. He said that the United States “to carry bombs and bombers bombing them back to the seventh century . ” said Texas governor Rick Perry former “major issue of our time is the battle between Western values ​​of freedom and this holistic view of global Islamist fanatics”, as he put it.

Chairman of the (Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies), Dr. confident Hashemi noted in his commentary for Radio Free Iraq on the last hard-line statements of US leaders of the Republican Party on ways to fight Daash that “there is a big problem facing Alhmhorien conflict with the Democrats in the period of presidential elections precede Alomirkah..lkn the most important question is whether the United States has been able to eliminate terrorism in its first campaign after 2001 (ie after the September terrorist attacks) … at the moment the answer is certainly not, as I believe that terrorism has become more expansive and more dangerous …. “.

In an interview you made over the phone and can be heard in the audio file, Hashimi talked about other relevant topics. Also he answered a question concerning the comparison between security concerns and the risk of Daash those posed by al-Qaeda in western countries, particularly the United States.

For his part, President (Euro-Arab Center for the Studies of counter-terrorism and intelligence) Jassim Mohammed told Radio Free Iraq by telephone from Bonn, Germany that “Daash risk in Europe is more than its risks in the United States because of geography and also because of the many elements of Arab descent living in European countries were enrolled in the fighting in Syria, Iraq, Yemen … and the risks from the point of view of America explicitly pointed out that the biggest threat is al-Qaeda, particularly al-Qaeda in Yemen, which is considered the most dangerous … “.

In the interview, which can be heard in the audio file, he replied researcher in the affairs of the fight against terrorism to another question as to whether direct military action comes on top of the options available to the US administration to eliminate the risk of terrorist organizations, prompting Obama to seek congressional authorization for the use of armed forces against al Daash.