Awadi: the political crisis caused by a delay not to adopt the law of oil and gas

BAGHDAD (Iba) … According to a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Awad al-Awadi, that the law of oil from the important laws will be the first of the laws that Parliament will work on the legislation after the legislative recess, pointing out that the crisis facing the country is the reason for the delay in approval

He said Al-Awadi told the independent press (Iba) The law of oil and gas of the most important laws after the law of the Federal Court, and the crisis situation because of the oil and gas between the center and the region necessitates the need for legislation as soon as possible, so the House of Representatives Egypt on the legislation after the holiday, the current legislative.

He added that his committee developed an action plan for a real study and discussion of this law, asserting a claim to the Energy Commission, the parliamentary legislation of this law and not to delay too much.

He pointed out that the Committee stresses the need for legislation is a technical professional is far from the contentions and political bargaining, the fact that oil is a source of Iraq and to the people and not for party or a component, so it has to be the enactment of a strong non-negotiable, and vocabulary is not universal, and it must be a comprehensive law for each provinces and oil wealth, not only certain provinces.

And al-Awadi, the parliamentary energy commission is waiting to resolve the current crisis in order to submit the draft law of oil and gas for discussion at the meetings of the Council and then voting on it.